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* = Online classes  - offered 100% online

(H) = Hybrid class - 51% online/ 49% face-to-face.  These classes may require students to come to the Denton campus for some scheduled meetings.

Students may choose Health Studies for a 2nd or 3rd Concentration Area degree plan. All classes require an advising code to register.

*HS 3033. Medical Terminology.

*HS 3133. Perspectives on Women’s Health.

*HS 3203. Emergency Care, First Aid and CPR.

*HS 3363. History and Principles of Health Education.

*HS 3373. Health Promotion for Children.

*HS 3403. Environmental Health and Safety Education.

*HS 3443. Health Aspects of Aging.

*HS 4363. Consumer Health.

*HS 4483. Psychosocial Aspects of Mental Health.

*HS 4553. Stress Management Techniques.

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