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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bachelor of General Studies?

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is an interdisciplinary program intended to provide flexibility for students seeking to complete a bachelor's degree. It is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Can this degree be completed 100% online?

Depending on your concentration, all upper-division course work for this degree can be completed either online or in daytime, evening or weekend face-to-face classes. Some online courses may require an occasional face-to-face meeting such as an orientation session. Classes in the Arts, History, and Math concentrations are not available online, but they can be taken on campus. More online courses may be added each semester.

Who should consider a BGS?

A BGS is the perfect choice for:
• the working adult who needs a flexible and convenient degree program.
• the student holding an associate's degree who desires a bachelor's degree. 

What can I do with this degree?

Students who complete the BGS will find they have a multitude of options. Most will find they have an opportunity for a new job or a job promotion. Some may decide to pursue an additional degree through law school or graduate school. BGS graduates can find employment in a variety of careers including Business, Government, Sales, and Education. 

Can I apply for this degree if I have not completed the core curriculum?

The degree is designed for students who have completed their core requirements. The core curriculum can be completed at TWU, but it is recommended that you be within at least six hours of completing your core curriculum. If your transcript from the transferring institution notes that you are Core Complete then you have met TWU's core and will not be required to take additional core courses at TWU.

How do I know if I have completed the core curriculum?

1. Your official transcript should indicate that you are "Core Complete".
2. If not, you will need to contact your previous school to determine if you are core complete. 
3. An official letter will be required confirming your completion of the core.

I stopped going to college a long time ago. How do I know if my courses will transfer?

There is no time limit to transfer college-level courses; however, not all courses may be eligible for transfer if there is not a TWU equivalent. 

What types of tutoring are available?

The Write Site offers individualized and computer-aided writing and language instruction and programs on writing-related topics. The Science Learning Resource Center offers help to freshman and sophomores taking courses in biology, chemistry and physics. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science provides free tutoring services for lower level math and computer science courses. 

How many hours can I transfer to TWU?

You may transfer up to 90 hours from a two-year institution. There is no maximum number of hours from a four-year institution.

How many hours will I need to graduate with a BGS?

A minimum of 120 hours of college level course work is required.

How many hours must be completed at TWU?

At least 25% of credit hours on the student's approved degree plan must be completed at TWU. Because the bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, a minimum of 30 credit hours (25%) must be completed at TWU. At least one half of the advanced courses in each concentration area must be completed at the University. 

Do I have to have a minor?

A minor is not required.

How many areas of concentration can I choose and what are they?

Each student may select two or three areas of concentrations from Art, Business, Computer Science, English, Government, History, Math, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Women's Studies, and Health Studies.

How many hours must be completed in the concentration areas?

Each student must complete 12 advanced hours in each of three areas of concentration or 18 advanced hours in each of two areas of concentration.

Will I have an advisor from each concentration area?

No, your BGS advisor will assist you with each concentration and any questions you may about prerequisites and grade requirements.

Can I take classes at night or on the weekends?

Classes are offered during the day, occasional evenings, and online only. Weekend classes are not available at the undergraduate level. All on-campus classes are offered at the Denton campus only. 

What services are available for non-traditional students?

Offices such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Advising and the Registrar have extended hours on specific evenings.

How does an online course work?

Online classes at TWU are highly interactive. Instructors use a course website for posting lectures and reading assignments. Students participate through discussion boards and/or chat rooms and e-mail. Assignments are submitted electronically through the instructor's digital drop box.

What will it cost to take an online course?

The overall costs of distance learning are similar to costs incurred in traditional courses. A distance education fee is assessed for distance learning courses. 

What types of scholarships are available?

Transfer students applying for full-time admission must submit a completed scholarship application by March 1 of each academic year.

How do I apply?

All new students seeking admission to TWU must submit a completed application, $50 application fee, official transcripts and test scores (if required). For additional information, please contact the Office of Admissions at 866-809-6130 or 940-898-3188.

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What are Alumni doing with a BGS Degree?

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director
  • Customer Care Representative
  • Facilitator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Analyst