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About the Award

Distinguished Alumni Awards are given jointly by the TWU Former Students Association and the University to recognize and to honor alumni who have brought honor to themselves and to their alma mater by outstanding achievements in their chosen profession or who have made notable contributions to society in other areas of endeavor.

How to Nominate

The nominator will be responsible for providing:

  • Nomination Form (pdf)
  • A cover letter nominating the graduate to be honored, with particular attention to the selection criteria
  • A vitae or professional resume of the nominee
  • 3 support letters from others for the nominee

Selection Process

Nominees must:

  • Have at least one earned degree from TWU
  • Be in attendance at the Distinguished Alumni award ceremony
  • Provide the required documents for consideration

When the selections are made, recipients will be contacted and asked for:

  • Permission to release information
  • A photo that can accompany publications
  • Any updates to their resumes.

After You Are Selected

  • Academic deans, directors, and chairs will be notified of the selections.
  • Recipients will be introduced at the honors convocation, and awards will be presented at the Distinguished Alumni ceremony at homecoming.
  • In the event of a last-minute emergency which prevents the awardee from being present at the awards ceremony, the award may be granted in absentia.

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