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 SAVE THE DATE!!! HOMECOMING 2014  - - - APRIL 10th - 12th...

The Class of 1964 will be the Golden Girls of 2014.

The bridge over Bell Avenue opened the spring that the Class of 1964 graduated. 

Every wonder where the Fish and Copters came from????  Here's the Fish Story in print! Are you a copter?  Copter_Story.pdf.

 Interested in donating to the The Woman's Collection in the University Archives while you are on campus... they are always looking for history bits from your experiences here...

2014 Class Letters for Honor Years - coming soon~~~ - Click on your class year and see your Class Agent letter regarding your class activities during the 2014 Reunion Weekend.  Some big changes are happening but the fun and memories remain the same. Each class also has a list of those who have passed and those that are needing to be found.  If you should know the whereabouts of anyone listed, please email

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