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Individual supporters are often parents, grandparents, friends, and patients whose lives have been touched by someone in the TWU OT program family.  This includes our departmental faculty and staff, as well as, all former and current students.  We receive tax deductible gifts in honor and in memoriam; both the donor and the honoree may be listed on our website in keeping with the donor’s preferences.


Scholarships for the School of Occupational Therapy are awarded exclusively to occupational therapy students.  You can provide your monetary support directly to occupational therapy students several ways:

Add to an existing endowment.  The School of Occupational Therapy has a number of scholarships established by individuals like you with a desire to invest in the next generations of occupational therapists. 

Establish a new endowment.  An endowed scholarship is a respected way of honoring a loved one or may serve as a worthy testimonial to the donor’s faith in the future.  A gift of $25,000 will endow a named scholarship.

One time scholarships or gifts.  Our office of Institutional Development is available to discuss arrangements for one time scholarship gifts.  Contact the Office of University Advancement for more information at 940-898-3863.


Gifts may be made to the School of Occupational Therapy at any time and in any amount. Funds donated to the TWU Friends of OT Program allow the department to accomplish goals that further the profession but which are not covered by existing funding.  Support can be used to further exciting research into the roles that occupational therapists play in the recovery of patients and the quantifiable outcomes of specific therapeutic interventions within given populations.   The funds donated also allows the faculty to selectively supplement the school’s academic programs through funding student participation in local, regional, state and national conferences with renown experts in their fields.

Specific gifts may be designated to the signature events held annually by the School.  A gift to the Vanderkooi Endowed Lectureship, held in Dallas in February each year will support keynote lectures to the region.  The Mary Joyce Newsom Award, held in Houston in April celebrates the rite of passage as the occupational therapy student selected for the award returns to campus after graduation to present to his or her peers what they have learned on their path into the profession.  To provide a gift for these signature events contact the School Director.

School of Occupational Therapy Wish List

Therapy related equipment and products donated to the TWU Friends of OT Program can allow the department to accomplish goals that further the profession but which may not covered by existing funding.  The items donated allow the faculty to supplement the school’s academic programs with introductions to different products, equipment, materials and techniques which may be invaluable for preparing the student to identify and develop individualized approaches for their patients’ needs. 

Current School of OT wish list items include:

  • Electric wheelchair for student demonstration and hands on training – Houston Campus

TWU gratefully recognizes donations on the TWU Friends of OT website, as well as special annual recognitions and invitations to events. 

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