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The practice application and fieldwork experiences begin during the first year and continue throughout the curriculum. The TWU School of OT receives offers of fieldwork sites and supervision from healthcare providers. Final selections are affected by many factors including but not limited to current sites and participants, specialty area demand, quality of the fieldwork experience, qualifications and longevity/experience of management/supervisory personnel, timelines of different instructional modules, university guidelines, etc. To become a fieldwork site contact Sher Harnish

Fieldwork hosts receive:

  • Invitation to submit a job opportunity for your hosting site for twelve monthly email blasts to students on fieldwork and recent graduates. 
  • Inclusion on our School Supporter’s lists to be distributed to the TWU School of Occupational Therapy student leadership for their event planning purposes. 
  • Inclusion on mailing list for three times annually departmental e-newsletter


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