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Burt, Kenneth Manager, Facilities Maint. and Operations


Price, Bobby Supervisor, Building Maintenance  
Govan, Will Lead Electrician  
Bradshaw, Michael Electrician I  
Reichenback, Roger Electrician II
Wells, Paul Plumber I  
Vacant Electrical Inspector  
Garrison, Howard Carpenter II  
Howell, John (Skip) Electrician II  
Logan, Mark Painter I  
Harris, Jimmy Painter II  
Guice, David Lead Painter  
Hunter, Josh Plumber II  
Koerner, Leroy Plumber II
Knotts, Jonathan Carpenter II  
Lewis, James (Jim) Painter II  
Vacant Carpenter I  
Miller, Dwayne Lead Carpenter  
Rendon, Carlos Lead Plumber  
Shaw, Sam Plumbing Inspector  
Soreson, Carl Carpenter II  
Davidson, Glenn Carpenter I  
Munson, William Maintenance Worker III
Ramon, Conrad Building Maintenance(2-10 shift)
Adams, Art Lead Carpenter

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