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This survey will be used to evaluate client needs.
Your feedback will help us improve our service.


To respond, please select the appropriate dropdown box.

Facilities Planning and Space Utilization needs are provided in a professional manner.


Facilities Management and Construction personnel are professional and courteous.


The overall services provided by Facilities Management and Construction contribute to an improved learning environment.


Conflicts and problems relating to Facilities Management and Construction are resolved effectively and efficiently.


Facilities maintenance relating to painting, carpentry, power washing buildings, stairways, etc. meets University needs.


Responses to work requests are timely.


The work accomplished is well planned, delivered in a professional manner, and meets the client's needs and expectations.


Responses to work requests for energy management (hot and/or cold calls) meet University needs.


Building comfort is conducive to a good learning environment.


Online Work Order requests provide an orderly and expeditious method for meeting University needs.


The Work Order request for maintenance provided on our Web Page meets University needs.


Providing information on Building Construction and renovation project schedules on our Web Page is beneficial to the University community.


Restrooms are sanitary and stocked well (with paper towels, soap, tissue, etc.)


Hallways and common areas are clean.


Facilities' housekeeping maintains standards that are conducive to a good learning environment and meets University needs.


Grounds Maintenance meets the expectations of the University community.


Campus grounds are appealing to the University and neighboring community.


Roadways and parking lots are well maintained.


Assistance with designs, color selections, carpeting, etc. for minor build-outs or office improvements are appropriate.


Campus lighting and signage meets the University's needs.


University clients are satisfied with the service provided.


Suggestions regarding improvements for the Facilities Management and Construction Department are welcomed.

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