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Meet our staff!

Karrie Fletcher

Karrie has worked for TWU for over 17 years and founded the Outdoor Adventure Program in 2010. This past year, she coordinated with the Department of Kinesiology to develop an Outdoor Adventure Leadership Certificate. She has organized student trips around the world including Italy, Canada, and Hawaii. Her favorite outdoor activities include snow skiing, scuba diving, traveling, and golfing.



Michelle Pagano

Michelle eats, sleeps, and breathes adventure! She is a Senior working on a degree in Kinesiology and has been working for Outdoor Adventure since May of 2014. She absolutely loves the outdoors and plans to earn a master's degree in Outdoor Recreation. Her interests include climbing, backpacking, hiking, traveling, and anything else involving the outdoors.



Alex Valladares

Alex is a Senior at TWU majoring in Human Resource Management and minoring in Business Administration and has worked for Outdoor Adventure since November 2012. He has a passion for being outdoors and loves exploring through various activities. His interests include disc golf, rock climbing, traveling, cooking, baking, and napping as much as he can.



Jessica Loera

Jessica is a Sophomore TWU majoring in Kinesiology. She has been working for Outdoor Adventure since January 2015. She is fairly new to Outdoor Adventure but is eager to learn and lead TWU students with coming activities like hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing.




Edgar Cruz

Edgar is a Freshman at TWU majoring in Kinesiology and is psyched to be working for Outdoor Adventure. He has always had a great passion for the outdoors and has been rock climbing  since he was 13. His interests include rock climbing, basketball, mountain biking, and bowling.





Racheal Rafols

Racheal is a senior at TWU majoring in Nutrition. She has been working for the Outdoor Adventure since August 2015. She is very eager to learn about outdoor adventure so she can one day lead trips. She enjoys cooking / baking, running, biking, skiing and hiking.



Edgar Melchor Ramos

Edgar is a freshman at TWU majoring in Nursing. He has been working for the Outdoor Adventure since October 2015. He enjoys climbing, soccer, and having a great time with friends on his spare time. He wants to encourage others to come into the rock climbing wall and to join us on our Outdoor Adventure trips.


Kaitlyn Houser

Information coming soon!


Danny Garcia

Information coming soon!


Naolecia Harvey

Information coming soon!  

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