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Adventure Trips


Who can go?

  • Trips are open to all TWU students only.

How to register

  • Register at the OAC M-F, 3-8pm

Skill Levels

  • Beginner - no previous experience necessary.
  • Intermediate - must be in good physical condition and some experience with skills related to activities.
  • Advanced - must be in good physical condition with high skill expertise with related activities.


Spring 2016 Day Trips

What: Horseback Riding (CLOSED)
Where: Sulphur, OK (Arbuckle Mountains)
When: Saturday, February 20th
Register by: Friday, February 12th
Cost: $50  
Skill Level: Beginner
Details: Learn the basics of horseback riding on this two hour trail ride through the Arbuckle Mountains.

What: Hiking (CLOSED)
Where: Davis, OK  
When: March 5th
Register by: Friday, February 26th
Cost: $15
Skill Level: Intermediate
Details: Meet up with your friends and make some new ones as you hike through the Arbuckle Mountains! Come join us as we take hike around Turner Falls which features a 77ft waterfall, Dr. Collings' Rock Castle, and natural caves. No experience needed!

What: Night Ride (CLOSED)
Where: Denton, TX
When: Tuesday, March 29th
Register by: Friday, March 25th
Cost: $5
Skill Level: Beginner
Details: Attention all bikers! Come ride through the streets of Denton at night with our OAC Trip Leaders. This is a great ride for both beginner and advanced riders alike. We will all ride together as a group and no one will be left behind. Bikes available for free, first come first serve!

What: Photo Hike (CLOSED)
Where: Knob Hill Trail
When: Friday, April 8th
Register by: Friday, April 1st
Cost: $10
Skill Level: Beginner
Details: This two hour hike will give you the chance to spend time outdoors as well as learn how to take film photos. Our marketing coordinator will teach you the basics of film photography, how to load and remove film, as well as how to take photos with your film camera. A camera will be provided for you as well as film and we will develop it for you too! No prior experience necessary.

What: Backpacking (CLOSED)
Where: Dinosaur Valley State Park
When: Saturday, April 23rd
Register by: Friday, April 15th
Cost: $10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Details: Join us as we explore the park for the day! Come see dinosaur tracks in the rocks and leave your own footprints on this 5 mile hike. Our OAC trip leaders will teach you basic backpacking skills to ensure you have a great time. No experience needed!

Spring 2016 Free Clinics

What: S'mores and Stargazing(CLOSED)
Where: Meet at Outdoor Adventure Center
When: Tuesday, February 2nd
Cost: Free
Skill Level: Beginner
Details: Do you like s'mores? Come sit by a fire and roast marshmallows with us for the night! Yum!

What: Campfire Cooking (CLOSED)
Where: Outdoor Adventure Center
When: Wednesday, March 9th
Register by:  Friday, March 4th
Cost: Free
Skill Level: Beginner
Details: There's nothing like a good campfire meal when you're hungry and out in the fresh air! This class will teach you how to make some tasty campfire cooking meals to help prepare you for your next camping trip!

Spring 2016 Events

What: Crate Stacking Comp (CLOSED)
When: Wednesday, April 6th
Cost: $5

What: Movie Nights (CLOSED)
When: Wednesday, February 24th and Tuesday, April 19th
Cost: FREE

What: Dyno competition (CLOSED)
When: Wednesday, April 20th
Cost: $5

Trip Policies and Procedures

For more information, please contact: Karrie Fletcher at

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