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Fall 2014 Schedule:


Class Participation:

Most group exercise classes are FREE to current TWU students and Fitness & Recreation members. 

Classes on the schedule are considered drop-in; no pre-registration is required unless specified.  There are only a limited number of spaces available; attendance is based on first-come, first-serve.  Many classes fill up quickly, so get here early! 

For our most popular classes, armbands or stamps may be used.

Occasionally, instructors get ill or have emergencies that requires us to cancel a class.  We will try to notify you of this as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience!

Classes and/or instructors are subject to change without prior notice.

Class Descriptions:

Ballet Strength: Ballet is a great balance of stamina, strength and flexibility.  This class takes the ballet fundamentals to create an effective, well rounded workout!  Moderate intensity.  All fitness levels welcome.
Butts & Guts:  Tone your glutes & midsection.  All fitness levels welcomed.  
Core N More: Flatten your abdominals while toning and shaping other areas of the body through variety of exercises.  All fitness levels welcomed.
Cycle Extended: Moderate to high intensity.  Can’t get enough cycle? Try our Friday lunch classes. 
Cycle Strength: The perfect combination:  cycling for calorie burning and strength training for toning!  Great for total body training and those who building endurance for cycling.  Moderate intensity.
Deep Water Work:  Improve your cardiovascular conditioning & muscle endurance using jogging belts in the deep end of the Pioneer Hall indoor pool.  Swimming not required. All fitness levels welcomed.
Fab Abs:  Go beyond basic crunches & sit-ups.  Flatten your abdominals & strengthen your mid-section through a variety of exercises.  All fitness levels welcomed.   
Pilates with Props:  Combine the precise movements of Pilates with a variety of fitness equipment.  Flow through a series of dynamic movements & learn to utilize & strengthen your powerhouse: deep abdominal muscles, obliques, & lower back.  Moderate intensity.
PiYo: Experience the perfect blend of Pilates and yoga to kick up the calorie burn and build muscle! This dynamic blend of movement increases strength, core stability, and agility.  All fitness levels welcomed.
R.I.P.P.E.D. (Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometics, Endurance, and Diet): An intense class that will help you lose weight, build muscle through strength training, improve cardiovascular performance, and increase your energy level!
Swim Fit: Whether your are a swimmer who want to improve stamina or technique, this is the right class for you!  Should be able to swim 25 yards. 
Tai Chi: Emphasize relaxation, calmness, coordination, calmness, flexibility, overall strength and breathing.  The perfect practice for those wanting a non-impact way to exercise and decrease stress.  All fitness levels welcome.
Turbokick: Fat-blasting, ab-defining cardio workout.  A mix of kickboxing & simple dance grooves set to heart pounding dance music that will have you looking forward to your next workout!  Can burn up to 1,000 calories/hour.  High intensity. 
Water Fitness:  Water exercises that provide aerobic and strength conditioning. Uses low impact move in the shallow end of the Pioneer Hall indoor pool.  All fitness levels welcomed.
Yoga: This class includes basic to intermediate yoga poses sequenced at a moderate pace that provides improvements in overall strength, endurance, flexibility, & body awareness.  Focus will be placed on alignment & breath as you flow from pose to pose.  All fitness levels welcomed.
Zumba: A fusion of Latin & international music that create dynamic workouts.  Routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast & slow rhythms that tone & sculpt the body.  Easy to follow dance moves.  All fitness levels welcome.


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