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  • A Texas Public Education Emergency Loan is a loan granted to an enrolled student for the amount of tuition and fees only.  Loans are available for Texas resident students, non-resident students and foreign students.
  • The maximum loan amount per student will be the minimum payment required to complete the current registration.


  • A Texas Public Education Emergency Loan may not exceed the total amount of tuition and fees due at the time of application for the loan.

  • A promissory note will be executed for all loans.  Interest will be charged monthly on the unpaid balance from the date loan is due and payable.  Annual interest rate for the Texas Public Education Emergency Loan is 5% simple interest, and the annual interest rate for the University Emergency Loan is 3% simple interest.

  • The due dates for Texas Public Education Emergency Loans and University Emergency Loans are as follows:

Summer I and Summer II Loans Due July 1
Summer III and Summer Loans Due August 1
Fall Loans Due October 1
Spring Loans Due March 1
  • Financial aid awards will automatically be applied toward repayment of Texas Public Education Emergency Loans and University Emergency Loans.  You will be responsible for any amount of this loan not satisfied with those funds.

  • Students who default on their financial aid obligations will have a hold placed on their future enrollment at the University and official academic transcripts.

  • Loans not paid by the due date will be reported to a national credit bureau, and turned over to an outside collection agency, with an additional charge of 33-1/3% collection cost added.

  • It is the goal of the State of Texas that no resident be denied the opportunity to receive an education in a public institution due to a lack of financial ability.  Accordingly, on a finding that a student would be deprived of an education due to a lack of financial ability, Texas Woman's University will defer repayment of this loan.  This deferral option is not a property right of the student.  Please see a counselor in the Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify for this deferment.

  • The student is responsible for informing the University of any and all changes in name and/or address while attending the University and after leaving the Institution as long as she/he remains indebted on the Texas Public Education Emergency Loan and/or University Emergency Loan.

  • All information except signatures must be printed clearly and legibly. Loans that contain illegible or incomplete information will not be processed.

Application Procedures

  • Log in to your Pioneer Portal (
  • Click on “View Financial Aid Information”
  • Log in again using your Pioneer Portal user ID and password
  • Click on “Students” (upper right hand corner)
  • Under the heading “Financial Aid” click on Emergency Loan Application
  • Choose the current academic term.  You must complete a separate application for each term you are enrolled and for which you require emergency loan funds
  • Choose “TUITION EMERGENCY LOAN” from the drop-down menu
  • Complete the application entirely
  • When complete, click the “Submit” button
  • Please allow 2-3 business days to process your application.  Once your application has been processed, an email will be sent to your TWU email account with information on the status of your application and instructions to complete your promissory note if applicable
    • **As we get close to the payment deadline, allow 4-6 hours to process your application.  Check your Pioneer Portal while waiting for the email notification.  If you click on “Emergency Loan Promissory Note”, and you are able to view your name, student ID number, current semester and the amount of the loan, the note is ready for your electronic signature.
  • Applications must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on days when payment is due.  Applications submitted after 4:00 p.m. on these days will not be processed.


Promissory Note Procedures

  • Once you receive an email stating your application has been approved, access your promissory note through your Pioneer Portal using the same log in procedure described in Application Procedures above, but this time click on “Emergency Loan Promissory Note”
    • **Again, the email system will be overloaded as we get closer to the payment deadline.  Check your Pioneer Portal often, even if you have not received an approval email.  The promissory note is ready to sign when you can view your name, student ID number, current semester, and the amount of the loan
  • Review the amount and terms of the loan as stated on the promissory note
  • Sign the promissory note using an electronic signature and submit the note online
  • Print a copy of the note for your records
  • The promissory note must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by 4:30 p.m. on the payment deadline date as listed in the Schedule of Classes to complete your registration

If you wish to apply for an emergency loan to cover a deposit or down payment for a university sponsored study abroad trip, please contact Jasmyne Donahue at or you may call the Financial Aid Office at (940) 898-3067 for information and procedures.

If you have any questions regarding your emergency loan, please contact the Financial Aid staff at (940) 898-3064 or

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