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Fashion and Textiles welcomes students entering college for the first time. Degree programs are designed for completion over a four-year period -- plenty of time to learn the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the fashion industry. Because of small class size, beginning students will be comfortable as they transition from high school to university life. 

Admission Standards

The same standards for admission to the University apply to admission to the Fashion Merchandising program.  Students applying to the Fashion Design program will be admitted to the University under the same standards, but will be admitted only provisionally to the Fashion Design Program until the completion of FT 1013, FT 2013, and FT 2113 with a grade of "C" or better during the first enrollment.  The only exception to this requirement is withdrawal from any of the courses during the first enrollment for medical reasons; students would be allowed a second enrollment.  Students will be given full admission to the Fashion Design program after the provisional requirements are met.  Students not given full admission to the Fashion Design program will be required to seek a change of major.

To find out more about entering the university and applying as a freshman, please see the TWU Admissions site.  Information regarding Finanacial Aid can be found on the TWU Financial Aid site.

Once accepted to TWU, plan to attend a required Freshman Orientation.

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