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Program Coordinator:
Dr. Joyce Armstrong • • 940-898-2690

Major courses in this program consist of face-to-face and online formats.  Face-to-face courses are only offered on the TWU Denton campus.

The Family and Consumer Sciences major is a broad program which includes preparation in general university requirements, and in specific subject matter areas of Family and Consumer Sciences including:

  • family life
  • child development
  • food and nutrition
  • housing and household equipment management
  • fashion and textiles
  • consumer sciences

Completion of either the bachelor's degree (see below) or the Master of Arts in Teaching with an FCS specialization satisfies the course requirements in Texas for a Provisional Teacher Certificate in Family and Consumer Sciences allowing students to teach this subject in secondary schools.

Admissions Process & Prerequisites

What a former student has to say about this program:

Degree Plans

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