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In order to be considered for acceptance by the School of Physical Therapy, you must satisfactorily complete all core courses (grade of “D” or better), all major courses (grade of “C” or better) as well as 10-12 prerequisite courses (grade of “C” or better, preferably “A”) while working on your undergraduate degree.  These prerequisites include:

MATH 2014 “Calculus I” –or- MATH 1303 “Algebra and Math” –and- MATH 1313 “Trigonometry” 1
BIOL 1113/11 “Principles of Biology I” 1
BIOL 1123/21 “Principles of Biology II” 1
CHEM 1113/11 “Chemical Principles I” –or- CHEM 1013/11 “Intro. to Chemistry” 1
CHEM 1123/21 “Chemical Principles II” –or- CHEM 1023/21 “Intro. to Organic Chemistry” 1
PHYS 1133/31 “Principles of Physics I” 1
PHYS 1143/41 “Principles of Physics II” 1
ZOOL 4243/41 “Mammalian Physiology” 2 –or- ZOOL 2013/11 “Human Anatomy
      and Physiology I” 1 –and- ZOOL 2023/21 “Human Anatomy and Physiology II” 1
PSY 1013 “Introduction to General Psychology” 1
PSY 2303 / 3303 “Applied Statistics” –or- MATH 1703 “Elementary Statistics” 1 or equivalent
PSY 3### (not including PSY 2303 / 3303 “Applied Statistics”) 2
HS 3033 “Medical Terminology”

1 - These courses can also satisfy state core requirements, so seek advisement early to prevent from having to take these in addition to standard core courses.
2 - This course must typically be taken at TWU or other similar 4-year college or university.

See your advisor for guidance on the application process for PT school.  It is highly recommended that you visit with a PT school advisor about the order in which to take prerequisite courses and other prerequisite equivalencies.

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