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Bachelor of General Studies

Eternity Alexander
Erica Antillon
Mellissa Arvin-DM
Amy Baker
Shalonda Brown
Bradley Diggs
David Dorman
MacKenzie Dowdy
Amanda Foster
Riquel Frost
Tricia Guenther
Jarvis Lamb
Angelette Lindsey
Mayra L. Matos
Valerie Reed
Autumn Saenz
Kimberly Sherrell
Adele Siquig
Jacqueline Smith
Jennifer Sours
Shannon Tibbits
Julie Wallesch
Jeffrey Winters

Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource

Timothy Black
Amanda Easley

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Melanie Barger
Tyler Wood

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Van Lam
Carol Mutter

Bachelor of Science in Health Studies

Brittany LeBron
Monica Lozano
Carolyn Martin
Curtis D. Sather
Rebecca Shoemaker

RDH to Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

Donna ColemanRN-BS Online Program for Registered Nurses
Danielle Carr-Roberts

Executive Master of Business Administration

Wonda Ashley
Christina Bailey
Angela Bailey
Rosemary Blair
Bryan Buckley
Kathryne Butler
Cora Day
Anthony Dickie
Lisa Eason-DM
Maricella Esparza
Darlene Garcia
Jameshia Grandberry
Miriam Guajardo
 Adeena Henning
Kimberly Horne-DM
Marcia Howard
Jo’Von Hughes
Nicole Jackson
Dayna Jennings
Gregory LaBove
Lisa Loney
Rosalyn Mccollum-Benoit
Jayme Meyer
Amy Micalizzi
Carlos Miller
Dawn Mitchell
Sabrina Moye-Roach
Queshana Naylor
Raberta Lenonna Nichols
John Norris
Maly Pan
Nakisha Paul
Tameika Petry
Cynthia Powell
Dutchie Reid
Lemitra Rhodes
Kelita Richardson
Celisse Rideaux
Susan Roberts
Jennifer Robertson
Debra Rockam
Vanessa Sakulenzki
Liana Santago-More-DM
Shonette Siverand
Karmann Spencer
Veronica Steward
Susan Strittmatter
Courntey Taylor-DM
Eileena Wai Tran
Stephanie Trevino-DM
Karen Vean
Jennifer Walker
Ina Marie Warwick
Ebony White
James Williams
Sabrina Williams
Marla Wilson
Janine Wilson-DM
Shawn Wilson
Diane Yee

Master of Science in Speech/Language Pathology

Megan Cardenas
Penny Pickett
Marsha Kocurek

Master of Science in Education of the Deaf

Cyrina Dees

Master of Science in Food Systems Administration

Jennifer Brown

Master of Science in Nutrition

Mai Vo

Master of Science in Kinesiology

Joseph Ishee

Master of Science in Health Studies

Desiree Johnson

COTA to Master of Occupational Therapy

Angela Donese Schlessinger

Master of Science in Nursing-Nursing Education

Samra Solomon Aman Smith
Jennye Cox
Ivana Dehorney
Leah Fuhrmann-DM
Jennifer Setera
Ronda Standard
Cynde Sturm
Cinthya Vidales
Cynthia Walker-Williams

Master of Science in Nursing-Health Systems

Natalia Etuk

Master of Science in Nursing-Nursing Practitioner

Donna Thornley

Master of Library Science

Sarah Alexander
Marj Atkinson-DM
Helen Dawkins
Melanie Freeman
Dolores Johnson-DM
Suzanne Pick
Elizabeth Richardson
Elvira Rodriguez
Sandra Schultz
Sara Simon
Misti Taylor
Katelyn Verrill-DM
Lacy Welch

Master of Science in Family Studies

Amanda Foster-Brown
Dametria Griffen

Master of Arts in Teaching

Stephanie Clubb
Jamie Embree
Angela Golden
Deborah Longoria

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Practice

Rebeca Lucas

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science

Kathryn Long
Ruth Robert
Sylvia Wells

Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Therapy

Mary Thomas

DM-Distinguished Members: Members with the DM distinction have taken their membership to the next level by participating in the EOE Mentorship program. Participants were paired up and required to have at least 2, documented interactions. The goal of this program is to help our members get to know one another and help them establish community with one another.

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