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Ph.D. in Rhetoric Research Tools Requirement

Doctoral Candidates can choose two of the following options (may choose the same option twice).

• 6 credit hours of graduate or 12 hours of undergraduate courses in the same foreign language or equivalency examination.*
• 6 credit hours of graduate-level American Sign Language or equivalency examination.
• 6 credit hours of graduate-level computer science
• 6 credit hours of graduate-level library science**
• 6 hours of graduate-level English courses (see list below)

      *See department for information on equivalency examination
      **Library Science classes include only those concerning collections, information retrieval, and other research courses.

English courses include:

ENG 5083 Bibliography and Research Methods*
ENG 5713 Old and Middle English Language and Literature
ENG 5283 Studies in Literary Criticism
ENG 5343 Rhetoric and Composition: Theory and Practice*
ENG 5353 Rhetoric and Composition: Theory and Pedagogy of Electronic Texts*
ENG 5373 Professional and Academic Communication
ENG 6083 Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
ENG 6313 Studies in Rhetorical Criticism and Discourse Analysis*

Courses above with asterisks may be repeated when the specific topic of investigation varies.

Students must receive a "B" or better in all research tools.

English courses taken as research tools will count towards the 90 hours of the degree; however, other courses (foreign language, computer science, and library science) will not count towards the 90 hours of the degree major.  This information can also be found in the current Graduate Catalog.

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