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The English, Speech, and Foreign Languages Department at Texas Woman's University offers Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English and in English/Language Arts for 8-12 Teacher Certification in Texas. The Bachelor of Arts in English provides students with a strong foundation in language skills and appreciation of literature through studies of composition, language and literature. With a B.A. in English, students can prepare themselves for careers in writing and editing, for teaching, and for a variety of careers which value communication and critical thinking skills. In addition, this degree provides a foundation for graduate education.

Guidelines & Requirements

  • All work to be applied toward degree completion must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better
  • If not working toward teacher certification, a major will complete at least 18 semester hours in a minor field, six of which will be advanced hours, at least 3 of the advanced hours completed at TWU.
  • Students will complete ENG 1013 and ENG 1023, as well as a minimum of 36 hours in advanced English, including the following required courses:
    • 3 hours: American Literature (advanced)
    • 3 hours: Language/Linguistics
      • ENG 3303 The English Language: Development, Nature, and Structure,
      • ENG 3363 Introduction to Linguistics, or
      • ENG 3373 Contrastive Linguistics
    • 3 hours: ENG 3203 Advanced Grammar and Composition
    • 3 hours: ENG 3333 Major Plays of Shakespeare
    • 3 hours: The Novel, from the following:
      • ENG 3313 The English Novel,
      • ENG 3323 American Fiction, or
      • ENG 3353 The Twentieth-Century English Novel
    • 9 hours: English Literature
      • ENG 3013 Representative Works of British Literature to 1760,
      • ENG 3023 Representative Works of British Literature from 1760 to Present, and
      • ENG 4243 Poetry of the Romantic Period, or ENG 4903 Selected Topics
    • 12 hours: Advanced courses (to be chosen from literature, language, linguistics, cooperative education, and professional writing courses)
  • Foreign Language Requirements: 3 options
    • 12 hours in one foreign language,
    • 6 hours each in two foreign languages, or
    • 9 hours in one foreign language and 3 hours in American Sign Language

Override Policy

TWU has recently established online waiting lists. Students should register as early as possible, so that you are able to register for the courses you need. The department has no influence over those waiting lists, so please do not make special requests. Below is a general description of how the department handles requests for overrides, once waiting lists have been removed. We will attempt to hand out seats in the following order.

  1. English majors or minors who will be graduating the same semester in which the course is offered, and who have no other course option
  2. Non-English majors will be graduating the same semester in which the course is offered, and who have no other course option
  3. English majors and minors
  4. Non-English majors who need a particular course to complete a program of study (a course that is in our rotation, but might not be offered for another semester or two)
  5. Students requiring special accommodations through DSS
  6. Non-English majors

Students should contact the instructor of the course to request an override, and should be prepared to provide evidence that one of the conditions above applies to the request. The department does not open seats to accommodate work schedules, anxieties about driving to Denton, etc. Once the instructor receives an override request, the instructor will forward that request to the Chair, who will submit the appropriate paperwork. Given space restrictions, it might not be possible to offer an override to all students, even ones who meet the criteria above. In all cases, your aim should be to register as early as possible.

TWU Resources for Undergraduates/Applicants

Resources for B.A. in English Students

Importance of English majors

Omega Rho Alpha

English Honors Society
Omega Rho Alpha is a student organization open to freshman and sophomore students majoring in English. Students may join if they meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • Receive an "A" in a Freshman or Sophomore English course other than English 1003 or writing lab, or
  • Be an English major, or
  • Have had literary compositions published in college literary periodicals or presented at programs honoring student writers, or 
  • Qualify for Honors English

    Faculty Contact: Dr. Vivian Casper

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

Course Rotation (pdf)

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics [pdf]

Hear from One of Our Graduates 

Student Testimonial Video

Fall 2014 Advising

Please email for appointments.

Dr. Vivian Casper

Teaching certification:
Dr. Stephen Souris

Graduate students:
Dr. Dundee Lackey

Foreign languages:
Dr. Consuelo Wallace


Contribute to the Scholarship Fund for Dr. Bridges

A group of former students and friends of Dr. Phyllis Bridges are working to establish a scholarship in her honor. See the letter explaining the fundraising effort.