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The English, Speech, and Foreign Languages Department at Texas Woman's University offers Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English and in English/Language Arts for 8-12 Teacher Certification in Texas. Students can choose from three tracks: Literature, Rhetoric and Writing, and Teacher Certification. Additionally, English majors can get a minor in Journalism through a partnership with the University of North Texas Sue Mayborn School of Journalism.

The English degree prepares students to succeed in a wide range of careers that represent fields such as business, industry, education, non-profit, and government and non-government organizations. English majors gain employable skills such as critical thinking, strong writing and communication skills, and appreciation of literature, which develops a broader understanding of society. Also, check out this YouTube video, Why English?

For more information on the BA in English program, contact Dr. Ashley Bender at

How to get started

Learn more about our program, how to apply, and the benefits of an English degree. More about “How to get started”...

What English majors need to know

English majors may use this link for guidelines for the BA in English Degree. The site offers information on the three tracks, Literature, Rhetoric and Writing, and Teacher Certification, as well as the English core, foreign languages requirement, forms, scholarship information, student organizations, and links to other important information. More about “What English majors need to know”...

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