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The Redbud Theater complex is located on the north end of Hubbard Hall. Production attendees, please park in the lot on the corner of Locust and Oakland.

Map of RedBud Theater


The 19,000-square-foot complex seats 100, has a wheelchair accessible area in front of the theater, and has ample space for theater education and support, including:

  • Redbud Theater Complex at NightRehearsal room/classroom
  • Practice room/classroom
  • Practice area
  • Make-up room/classroom
  • Green Room/conference room/student lounge
  • Conference room/student lounge
  • Scene shop/classroom
  • Faculty offices
  • Costume shop
  • Prop and costume storage

Model photos of the Redbud Theater Complex

Redbud Theater

The Redbud Theater is a 100-seat proscenium venue that can serve a variety of performance and educational purposes. The room combines both fixed seating on stepped risers and loose seats along the upper gallery for a total capacity of 110 seats depending on the configuration. The combination of a steep seating area with the surrounding gallery creates a very intimate theater ideally suited to student performances. The theater combines the frontal proscenium arrangement with flexibility of educational theaters. The adaptability of the space includes a variable proscenium opening that allows for multiple performance types; the ability to extend the playing area beyond the proscenium opening into the house; numerous front-of-house lighting positions; and the ability to use the house’s upper gallery as part of the playing area. In the theater area the existing ceiling has been removed to expose the building’s roof structure creating a larger space more suited to the acoustical requirements of the space’s multiple uses. A unique aspect of the theater is the proscenium wall which incorporates fluted glass panels from the ceiling construction of the existing dining halls. The glass panels create an acoustical reflector over the stage area to enhance speech intelligibility and are backlit to provide dramatic lighting before performances.

Rehearsal Hall/ Classroom

The Rehearsal Room serves as the primary classroom space in the Hubbard Hall facility. Its size allows for small performances and provides the ability to recreate the theater stage’s playing area for rehearsals. Like the theater stage, the floor in this room is constructed on flexible pads that allow all theatrical uses and can be used for dance. Large windows on the east wall provide natural light to the space. Mechanized shades provide control of the natural light for the various needs of the room. The room is designed to have a suspended pipe grid for theatrical lighting as well as a mirrored wall with dance barre.

Practice Room/ Classroom

The new Redbud Theater Complex’s Practice Room is a uniquely shaped space that serves a variety of educational and practice uses. The room’s north side is shaped by the tilted undulating wall creating a larger acoustical volume for the room. The asymmetrical shape of the room also enhances the acoustics by preventing echoes that typically occur in rectangular rooms.

Scene Shop/ Classroom

The Scene Shop is located at the far west end of the theater facility. Its high ceiling and large windows create a very pleasant space for the multiple activities that occur in the Scene Shop. Included in the shop is an office for the Technical Director and a small shop for maintenance and repair of the performance lighting equipment.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop is made up of two spaces: the shop itself for the design and construction of costumes and the costume laundry. The shop includes lay-out tables, computer equipment, and sewing machines. The laundry contains the washer, dryer, and dyeing sink for the costumes.

Make-up Room/ Classroom

The Make-up Room is a large divisible space used both for educational purposes and for performance preparation. As a single large room, the space can be used for make-up classes seating a total of twenty students at make-up stations. A moveable partition allows the space to be divided into women’s and men’s areas for use before and during performances.

Greenroom/ Conference Room/ Student Lounge

Located immediately off the theater stage and the backstage corridor, the Greenroom serves a variety of functions. It is the central and most active space of the back-of-house area. In addition to the traditional greenroom function of an offstage waiting area for performers, this space is also used for student faculty seminar classes and as a student lounge.

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