International Connections

Take your training on the road with the TWU Drama Program as we tour festivals and venues around the globe. Our students have developed and performed original plays in front of international audiences in England, Ireland and the Czech Republic.

TWU Drama Students Perform at the Brighton Fringe Festival

Four female students in WWII pilot outfits perform the play The Night Witches

The Night Witches
by Steven Young
Directed by Dr. Patrick Bynane

Inspired by the female fighter pilots of WWII, TWU's own assistant professor and award-winning playwright Steven Young created the original work The Night Witches for the Redbud stage. The production premiered locally at the TWU Redbud Theatre in November 2013 and internationally at the 2014 Brighton Fringe Festival in Brighton, England. In addition to performing The Night Witches live in front of a festival audience during its one-week run, TWU Drama students spent a week in London attending productions on the West End and exploring the British theatre culture.

Past Tours

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011- Performed the original work The Panther's Scream at The Space UK
  • Dublin, Ireland 2010- Faculty and students developed and performed the original play The Half Moon Couple at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008- Performed original production of Lake Simon’s and John Dyer’s Alice in Wonderland at the Bedlam Theatre.
  • New York 2006- New York saw the re-mounting of The Long March at the famous Greenwich Street Theatre.
  • Dublin, Ireland 2005- Students developed and acted in the original production of The Long March at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.
  • Prague 2000-2004- Students traveled and participated in workshops and performances using Kafka’s work.

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