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About the Drama Program Undergraduate Degrees

    The School of the Arts offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in drama and teacher certification.  Course work available in the areas or acting/directing, design/production, and musical theatre permits a students to develop a gprogram of study which focuses attention on the desired area as well as on the relationship of all theatrical elements to the whole production process.
    Essential to a complete course of study in theatre is the student's opportunity to work as performer and technician in the TWU theatre season.  The practical processes of theatre production as well as academic study are stressed in order to give students a broad and diverse theatre background.
    Course requirements for a drama major and a drama minor follow under the degree plans of study (see sample degree plan here).  Students seeking certification in theatre arts on the secondary level should follow the requirements listed under Bachelor of Arts with Teaching Certification in Drama (see sample degree plan here).  
    The drama division develops well-rounded theatre artists who have the ability to function creatively and skillfully in a variety of theatre situations.  Committed to top quality theatre performance and excellence in the classroom, the program provides practical as well as academic training for students pursuing careers in professional and educational theatre.

For more information about the Drama Program Degrees and Policies, please refer to the Drama Major Handbook.

How to Apply

For information on how to apply to TWU, please refer to the Admissions Home Page.

Bachelor of Arts in Drama
See information regarding required courses and electives

Teaching Certification in Theatre Arts
See information regarding required courses for Teacher Certification in Theatre Arts

Minor in Drama
See information regarding a minor in drama

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