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Active Shooter Checklist

Emergency Notification Lockdown Presentation

  • The Emergency Notification Lockdown presentation is available for download here.

Secure Immediate Area:

  • Close and barricade doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Close blinds
  • Block windows
  • Turn off radios and computer monitors
  • Keep occupants calm, quiet and out of sight (away from windows)
  • Keep yourself out of sight and take adequate cover/protection i.e. concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets (cover may protect you from bullets)
  • Silence cell phones
  • Place signs in exterior windows to identify the location of injured persons

Un-securing an Area:

  • Consider risks before un-securing rooms
  • Remember, the shooter will not stop until they are engaged by an outside force.
  • Attempts to rescue people should only be attempted if it can be accomplished without further endangering the persons in the area
  • Consider the safety of many vs. the safety of few
  • Do not leave the room unless instructed by emergency personnel.

Contacting Authorities:

  • Use Emergency 911
  • TWU DPS 2911
  • Know the locations of red emergency phones and outside Code Blue phones
  • Be aware that the 911 system will likely be overwhelmed. Program the TWU DPS emergency line, 940-898-2911, into your cell phone for emergency use.

What to Report:

  • Your specific location/building name and office/room number
  • Number of people at your specific location
  • Injuries and the number injured, type of injuries
  • Assailant(s) location, number of suspects, race/gender, clothing description, physical features, types of weapons (long gun or hand gun), backpack, shooters identity, if known, direction of explosions from gunfire, etc.

Police Response:

  • Objective is to immediately engage assailant(s)
  • Evacuate victims
  • Facilitate follow up medical care and interviews
  • Investigation

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