A Wonderland that's wonderful

Published Date: 23 August 2008
Alice In Wonderland Bedlam Theatre
LEWIS Carroll's immortal story of Alice has been told and retold a great many times in a dizzying variety of ways, from Disney's popular movie to the but much darker version by the Czechoslovakian filmmaker, Jan Svankmajer.

Now the Texas Woman's University have brought a genuinely delightful vision of the story to the appropriately named Bedlam Theatre, in a show which spoke to both adults and children just as the original always did.

Lake Simons and John Dyer, co-creators of this new production somehow straddled the Czech and Disney versions, building a whimsical, yet slightly creepy world using movement, music, puppetry and almost abstracted spoken word.

All of the characters were represented exquisitely as puppets, except for Alice, who alternated between puppet and the very human Brandianne Kramer in an outstanding portrayal of an evergreen icon.

Run ended

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