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The Texas Woman's University Dental Hygiene Clinic is an educational clinic providing quality educational, preventive and therapeutic dental hygiene services. Junior and senior dental hygiene students provide specific oral healthcare services at a nominal fee under the direct supervision of TWU faculty, who are experienced registered dental hygienists and licensed dentists.

Since we are an educational clinic, experiences and expectations may be very different from the usual dental office experience:

  • Adults (18 and older), who have not been patients in the clinic within the past 12 months, must have a free screening appointment before a care appointment can be made.  The screening is an examination provided at no cost to determine your needs and allows us to match your oral health condition with the educational needs of the students.  We are only able to provide care for patients that meet the students' educational needs.
  • If accepted for treatment, additional appointments may be scheduled.  Students are greatly relying on your presence;  please keep your appointments as scheduled or contact us as soon as possible if you must cancel or reschedule your appointments.
  • Because the clinic is in an educational setting, treatment may progress at a slower pace than in a dental office.  Patients can expect an appointment that can be up to three hours long.  Patients with greater needs may need to return for additional appointments.  Even though the instructor/student interaction requires more time, it also means that care meets the highest standard of quality.
  • Services performed at the TWU Dental Hygiene Clinic are not intended to replace comprehensive dental care provided by your dentist.  The clinic cannot offer fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, bridgework, dentures or braces.  For a complete diagnosis and dental treatment, you must see your family dentist.

The TWU Dental Hygiene Program is happy to make dental hygiene services available through the Clinic.  The Clinic benefits you as a patient, but also your presence greatly benefits TWU dental hygiene students in their journey toward becoming dental hygiene professionals and is much appreciated.

Available Services:

Oral prophylaxis:  Techniques and education to help prevent diseases of the teeth and adjoining tissues.  Typical procedures include removal of oral biofilm (bacterial plaque), food debris, stains and calculus (tarter) from the crowns and roots of teeth and preventive measures.  Sometimes called "tooth cleaning".

Non-surgical periodontal therapy:  Techniques and education to specific patients with periodontal (gum) disease designed to help halt disease progression and to help resolve inflammation and infection.

Radiographs:  A clinic dentist evaluates and prescribes necessary radiographs for professional assessment of oral health status.  Sometimes call dental "x-rays".

Sealants:  A procedure that places a coating on the chewing surfaces of teeth to help prevent cavities.

Professional tooth whitening:  A cosmetic service provided only in the spring semester.

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