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Mission of the M.A. in Dance Program

The Master of Arts in Dance degree provides a comprehensive approach to dance learning merging studio work with in-depth study of dance as art and cultural expression. The program of study develops a broad knowledge of the discipline and is concerned with the intersections of theory and practice in the context of artistic, cultural, and educational praxis in dance. The M.A. program at TWU offers a flexible degree geared to the professional goals of the individual student.

Students interested in academic and arts leadership may elect to address issues related to the role and significance of dance in education, the place of dance in society, and the development of personal pedagogical philosophies and practices. Students interested in research and writing may choose to emphasize course work designed to develop the knowledge and research skills necessary to undertake independent research in specialized areas of interest. Students interested in undertaking the M.A. as preparatory to seeking an M.F.A. degree may choose to frame their electives and final Professional Project/Paper within a choreographic or performance context.

The focus of the department is on qualitative research including philosophical inquiry, ethnography, and historical and cultural studies. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged and students have the option to include course work from other areas such as: Women's Studies, Rhetoric, Visual Art, Theatre, Marketing, and Music.

The objectives of the Master of Arts program are:

1. To further develop an understanding of the nature of dance as an expression of human experience in diverse artistic, cultural, and educational contexts.
2. To develop an understanding of dance praxis (the relationship of action and reflection) in dancemaking (choreography and performance), researching, writing, and pedagogy.
3. To facilitate the pursuit of individual areas of interest relative to the student's professional goals.

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