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The M.F.A. degree requires a minimum of 67 semester credit hours. The completion of a number of hours, however, is not in itself sufficient; the nature, quality, rigor, and currency of the artistic work are the major considerations.

The program is comprised of four components: 1) the dance core and electives 2) the Culminating Project and professional paper 3) the professional DVD portfolio, and 4) the comprehensive oral presentation/examination.

M.F.A Core Courses: 60 Credit Hours

The dance core provides the student with a theoretical and practical foundation for personal artistic growth. The "core" consists of technique, choreography, performance, and dance praxis courses.

Technique: 9 credit hours required

1.   At least one semester of each of the following are required: 
       DNCE 5301 Techniques in Contemporary Dance I (Level III, IV) 
       DNCE 5311 Techniques in Contemporary Dance II (Level III, IV) 
       DNCE 5281 Advanced Ballet I (Level III, IV) 
       DNCE 5291 Advanced Ballet II (Level III, IV)

2.  Five (5) additional credits selected from the above list.
3.  One of the nine credits must be a modern dance technique class that includes contact improvisation.
4.  A student must be registered for at least one technique course every semester.

Choreography & Performance/Creating a Body of Work: 34 credit hours required

Developing Artistic Vision and Practice (17 credit hours)
        DNCE 5211 Workshop in Dance: Somatic Practices 
        DNCE 5222 Workshop in Dance: Improvisation/Spontaneous Composition 
        DNCE 5222 The Art of Remembering: Composing the Body in Space and Time 
        DNCE 5222 Workshop in Dance: Producing Dance in the Professional Realm 
        DNCE 5222 Workshop in Dance: Exploring Alternative Formats 
        DNCE 5162 Laban Movement Analysis: Effort/Shape 
        DNCE 5233 Workshop in Dance: Summer I Guest Artist Residency

Implementing Artistic Vision/Practice (15 credit hours)
        DNCE 5903 Special Topics: Dance Making Project I 
        DNCE 5903 Special Topics: Dance Making Project II 
        DNCE 5903 Special Topics: Dance Making Project III 
        DNCE 5913 Individual Study: Culminating Project I 
        DNCE 5913 Individual Study: Culminating Project II

Performance (2 credit hours) 
        DNCE 5101 Workshop in Dance: Performance 
        DNCE 5101 Workshop in Dance: Performance

Students may not register for more than one Dance Making or Culminating Project course in a semester. 

Dance Praxis: 17 credit hours required

        DNCE 5243 Pedagogical Foundations in Dance
        DNCE 5223 Historical and Cultural Studies in Dance 
        DNCE 5433 Dance in Contemporary Contexts 
        DNCE 5023 Research Methods in Dance 
        DNCE 5973 Professional Paper 
        DNCE 5222 Academic Writing

Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Program and Electives: 7 Credit Hours

    To enhance artistic inquiry M.F.A. students engage in a program of related studies which supports their art making and professional goals. This includes reading and writing projects that are part of core theory courses as well as relevant inquiries related to choreography and performance projects. The professional paper also provides an opportunity to further extend or deepen interdisciplinary study. The value for interdisciplinarity is embedded throughout the M.F.A. course work and is in keeping with the mission of the Department of Dance (See Goal # 2 Collaboration, Integration, Interdisciplinarity). This goal is intended to encourage an exchange of ideas among the various arts, facilitating interdisciplinary creative endeavors, as well as developing a more in depth understanding of dance as a discipline as it is part of a larger world of knowing.

    The elective requirement may be met by taking dance and/or interdisciplinary course(s).

    Electives may be selected from graduate dance courses or from any program in the University that offers graduate courses. The Department of Dance as well as other programs in the University offers the individual study option for students who are interested in pursuing a problem of individual or professional interest that does not fall within the context of organized courses. The student may initiate individual study problems with any member of the University graduate faculty.

    Electives must be graduate-level courses (courses with numbers 5000 and above).

Summary of Credit Hours

                    Technique                                  9 credits
                    Choreography & Performance   30 credits
                    Dance Praxis                             21 credits
                    Electives                                     7 credits
TOTAL                                                         67 credits

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