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A native of Dallas, TX, Christie Nelson-Sala is a choreographer, director, lighting designer, and performer who has worked nationally and internationally creating with artists from various métiers. Christie earned an MFA in choreography specializing in production from the CalArts Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. She earned her B.A. in Dance with a focus in choreography from Texas Woman’s University. Christie began doing freelance commissioned works during her coursework at Texas Woman’s University and afterwards with Booker T. Washington High School, Texas Woman’s University, Perpetual Motion Dance, Out on a Limb Dance and CalArts Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance. Christie’s works and performances have been presented nationally in the Southwest region, as well as New York, and internationally in Paris, France, and Essen, Germany. Noted Commissioned solos with Mary Williford-Shade, Megan Yankee, L. Brooke Schlecte, Andrew Wojtal, and Lauren Guyer. Christie started designing lights for performers during her undergraduate career and has continued that work with students & faculty from CalArts. Ms. Nelson-Sala has been doing freelance photography and design with dancers, performers, and performing arts schools since 2004. She worked for the RedCat Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater in Los Angeles, CA, where her production work continued with stage managing and lighting during the New Original Works Festival.

During her time at CalArts Christie created works for the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance, she also choreographed for the play Peter’s Shadow, adapted by Christine Marie, and produced by the CalArts School of Theater. Christie was chosen to be a part of a pilot program, Feldstärke International 09, which brought fifty young international artists together to create collaborative interdisciplinary works which premiered in Paris, France; Essen, Germany; and Los Angeles, CA. Currently Christie is creating new works and building her company, Grid Dance Theater, which premiered in March 2012. Christie is back in Dallas to pursue teaching and is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Texas Woman’s University.

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