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Undergraduate Course Rotation Plan

Offered Every Semester

DNCE 1091 Somatics: Pilates Physical Conditioning/Body Work
DNCE 3101 Dance Performance
DNCE 4182 Concert Choreography
DNCE 3143 World Dance Forms (Required and Global Perspectives)
DNCE 2393 Understanding the Arts: Dance
DNCE 3383 Dance, Gender and Culture (Cross-listed with WS 3383 (Dance Elective)
DNCE 3191 Urban and Global Dance Practices

Offered Every FALL Semester

Modern     DNCE 1151, 2151, 3151, 4151
Ballet        DNCE 1111, 2111, 3111, 4111
DNCE 1191 Improvisation
DNCE 2183 Introduction to Movement Analysis and Description
DNCE 3193 Experiential Anatomy for Dancers
DNCE 3292 Choreographic Designs
DNCE 4243 Form and Meaning in Children‘s Dance
DNCE 3393 History of Dance
DNCE 4383 Performing Arts in Popular Culture (Dance Elective)

Offered Every SPRING Semester

Modern     DNCE 1161, 2161, 3161, 4161
Ballet        DNCE 1121, 2121, 3121, 4121
DNCE 1171 Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement
DNCE 2202 Dance Composition
DNCE 3813 Theories of Teaching Dance Technique
DNCE 4133 Dance Production
DNCE 4393 Contemporary Issues in Dance
DNCE 3373 World of the Imagination: Art, Dance and Film (Dance Elective)

Offered Every SUMMER Session I (May/Early June)

DNCE 3913        Summer Dance Intensive

Offered in Spring of EVEN Years (2014, 2016, 2018)

DNCE 4123        Dance and Public Practice

Note: All required course for the dance major must be taken as organized courses during the semester offered in the rotation schedule. Required courses cannot be fulfilled through independent study.  Course offerings are contingent on minimum enrollment.

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