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The research suite consists of research laboratories with specialized equipment, a qualitative laboratory, individual faculty research laboratories, and a data file storage room. The suite is accessible to faculty and graduate students for data collection, data analysis, research-related interaction, and data storage.

Access to Research Suite and Graduate Student Research Room for faculty and staff will be handled via a memo from the component administrator to the Director-Dallas Research Office. Faculty and staff who desire access to the research suite and Graduate Student Research Room (8120) should contact their component administrator who will be responsible for sending the memo with the required information to the Dallas Research Office.

The request for an Individual Faculty Research Lab requires completion of the IHSD Individual Faculty Research Laboratory Request Form. Priority will be given as follows: 1) faculty with externally-funded research projects, 2) faculty with internally-funded research projects, and 3) faculty participating in non-funded interdepartmental collaborative research projects.

IHSD Research Suite Access and Room Approval Procedures

Individual Faculty Research Laboratory Request Form

Access for Students

Students requiring access to space within the research suite should complete the form found on the DPS website: This request should first be approved by the department and then forwarded to the Dallas Research Office for final approval and processing to DPS. Note that the form from DPS requires an end date for the card access. If the student needs access beyond this time period, a new form will need to be processed.

File Storage

A data file storage room  is accessible to faculty upon request. File storage is also available for graduate students actively conducting research. If you need space to store files, please contact Dallas Research Office at 214-689-6743 for an assigned key. 

Conference Room

A conference room is available for research use. If you wish to schedule the room, contact the Dallas Office of Research at 214-689-6743.

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