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An Nvivo10 training workshop was offered to faculty and PhD students to support qualitative and mixed methods research. We offered the training workshop for a second time, due to an increased interest in qualitative data analysis. The qualitative research lab on the Dallas campus is now fully equipped and we have provided Nvivo10 training to 27 qualitative researchers. 
Thanks to the Qualitative Committee members Dr. Noralyn Pickens Occupational Therapy, Dr. Kyoung-Eun Lee Nursing, and Dr. Mary Thompson Physical Therapy for the growing interest in qualitative research that we are experiencing at TWU.

Research Reference Materials.

Now available to view in suite 8120
1. What Journal Editors Want You To Know About Scientific Publishing
2. The Peer Review Process: Increase Manuscript Acceptance with these Proven Methods
3. Persuasive Writing for Scientist and Clinicians: The Basic & Beyond
4. NIH Research Strategy: Actionable Next Steps to Develop a Winning Proposal
5. Crafting Your RO1 Proposal Like The Pros: 10 Insider Tips Revealed
6. The NVivo10 Workbook

Faculty may now access Data from the Dallas Heart Study.

Dallas Heart Study portal:

Site explains process of proposal preparation/submission for Non-UTSW personnel with hyperlinks to the proposal system, a hyperlink summarizing most data elements/phenotypes collected, and within proposal system, access to a .pdf with all data elements and dictionary that also includes derived variables available.

Need a collaborator for your grant project? Checkout UTSW academic productivity website


Research Study Participants Needed!

WHO: Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
WHAT: Transcranial Direct Stimulation
WHY: To improve walking 

Study Title: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: does it improve dual tasking in people with Parkinson’s disease?

Researcher: Chad Swank, PT, PhD, NCS

Location: Texas Woman's University, School of Physical Therapy
                5500 Southwestern Medical Ave.
                Dallas, TX 75235

HOW: Contact Chad Swank @ 214-689-7714 to learn if you qualify for this study

Low Back Pain Study
With or Without
$15 or $30 for participation
To be eligible to participate in the study, you must:
Be between the age of 20 and 60.
Never had serious spinal condition such as tumor, fracture, or infection.
Never had back or hip surgery.
Not be pregnant.
Not have a history of osteoporosis.
Not have any signs of disc prolapse, herniation.
Have had low back pain for at least 3 months or never had any history of low back pain.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any question,
please contact Mohammad Almadan PT, MS: Tel: 214 689 6745 Ext. 3 or Email:  


Type 2 Diabetic Individuals
Between 30-70 Years Old
$50 for participation
Have peripheral neuropathy (sensation loss in the leg or foot)
No history of hip, knee, ankle or foot joint  surgery
Must be able to walk 40 ft. without an assistive device
No vascular disease of the lower extremities
Not allergic to adhesive
Contact: Sharon Wang, PT, PhD
Tel: 214-689-7715 or Email:  





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