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Dr. Linda Csiza received grant funding from the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America for her pilot study, "The effect of community based aquatics on balance ability and the perception of fatigue in persons with Multiple Sclerosis, a pilot study". This study will provide an opportunity for people with Multiple Sclerosis to come and use the beautiful, indoor pool at TWU in Denton, TX in order to improve balance and decrease the perception of fatigue. The aquatics class will be taught by TWU's Doctor of Physical Students and the kinesiology students under the leadership of Dr. Linda Csiza and her colleague, Dr. Jeffrey Guild. The aquatics class will take place for 1 hour twice a week and include a warm up period, Ai Chi exercises, strengthening exercises, aerobic activities, and stretching and a cool down period. The purpose of the study is to provide support for a community based aquatics program on improving balance and reducing the perception of fatigue in people with MS.

Linda Csiza, PT, DSc, NCS
Dallas Campus


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