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Committee Work/Projects/Professional Development/Research

Interns are invited to serve on committees within the Center, the Division of Student Life, and the University. Interns are expected to contribute their knowledge and abilities to the Center's service and program development activities. Research activities (including both dissertation and post-dissertation research), writing for publication, and making presentations at professional meetings are encouraged and supported.


Interns who are working on dissertations during the internship year are provided with a range of support resources to help them successfully complete their research. Each intern office has a computer with network access to the Internet and a printer. Interns have two hours per week of work time, use of some Counseling Center supplies (approved by the Director) and ongoing emotional support and encouragement.

Intern Support Meeting

One hour each week is set aside for interns to discuss issues of mutual concern and to support each other through the internship process. On alternating weeks during the fall semester, the interns meet with the Director of Training. During the spring semester, interns meet with the Director of Training at least once a month. Although it is a support group, there is a supervisory component when the interns meet with the Director of Training. It is exclusively a support group when the interns meet on their own. As this meeting typically is scheduled adjacent to lunch, it is effectively a two hour block dedicated to the interns' needs.

Staff Meetings

Interns are considered professional colleagues and, as such, they participate fully in the clinical and administrative responsibilities of the Counseling Center. Interns attend staff meetings regularly and share their views regarding Counseling Center operations such as services, programs, policies, procedures, and future goals.

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