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Use the tools below to plan the cost of getting your degree at TWU and to compare the value offered by TWU with other state universities in the area. Please remember that these tools provide estimates only. Exact costs will vary depending on each student’s degree plan, course load, living expenses and other factors. Be sure to talk to a TWU admissions counselor or financial aid adviser before deciding that attending college may be too expensive for you.

Tuition & Fees Estimator

Estimate your tuition and fees by semester with the Tuition & Fees Estimator. Textbooks and parking permits are not reflected in this estimator.

Estimate Financial Aid

Estimate your costs and aid packages using the State's Net Price Calculator on the College for All Texans website (

Compare Costs at Six State Universities in Texas

Compare the costs at six state universities in Texas: TWU, UNT, UTA, Texas A&M, UT Austin and UTD.

Estimated Nine-Month Student Budget

The table below shows an estimated budget for a TWU student in a nine-month academic year (spring and fall semesters).


Item Off-Campus On-Campus At-Home
Tuition (15 sem.hrs.) $5,650         $5,650 $5,650
Fees $1,910         $1,910 $1,910
Books & Supplies $1,050 $1,050 $1,050
Room & Board $6,624 $7,191 $2,457
Personal Expenses $2,349 $2,052         $1,170
Transportation $1,224 $864 $1,224
TOTAL $18,807 $18,717 $13,461

Add $10,860 for out-of-state tuition charges.

Graduate resident tuition & fees - $329/hr.

Graduate non-resident tuition & fees - $691/hr.

Eligible students who incur child care expenses for preschool age children may receive assistance up to $1,044 per child up to a maximum of $3,132 annually. Documentation of child care cost may be required.

Legal Disclaimer

By using any of the tools above, you acknowledge that the estimates provided do not represent a final determination, an actual award of financial assistance or a final net price. The cost of attendance and financial aid availability changes from year to year. The estimates do not bind Texas Woman's University. You also realize that not all students receive financial aid.

Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for, and to receive an actual financial aid award that includes Federal grants, loans or work-study assistance. For more information on applying for Federal student aid, go to

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