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Requests for new positions and requests for reclassification of existing positions, require a job analysis questionnaire (JAQ), requests for increases in FTE that are not budgeted will also require the JAQ.  The JAQ must be routed through the levels of approval up to and including the Divisional Vice President. 

Requests must define the position, provide justification for the position, specify proposed funding and must be accompanied by an organizational chart showing where the position lies in the department.

Once the Office of Human Resources receives this information, a classification recommendation will be submitted to the Divisional Vice President based on the results of the job analysis.  The Divisional Vice President will review the recommendation of the Office of Human Resources and indicate approval or disapproval.  OHR will then notify the department of the decision.

To request a new position or reclassify an existing position, complete the Job Analysis Questionnaire, please click on the below link:

Job Analysis Guidelines & Questionnaire (JAQ)

page updated 3/22/2017 10:35 AM