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The TETN venue of the TWU master's program in speech-language pathology offers courses through interactive videoconferencing technology and provides clinical experiences through sponsoring school districts and medical facilities across the State of Texas. Participating Education Service Centers (ESCs) assist students by providing classroom sites and coordination of the program.  Each student must be sponsored by his/her local Texas school district.

TETN is offered only to:
  1. in-field students (those with a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences), OR out-of-field students (those whose bachelor’s degree is in another area) who have completed the required prerequisite courses prior to the start of the next TETN cycle, and 
  2.  students sponsored by a qualifying educational entity in the state of Texas, and 
  3.  students who reside in a participating ESC region.

The TETN learning venue is supported in part by a grant from the Texas Education Agency and was created to help ameliorate the shortage of speech-language pathologists in the schools.  Successful completion of TWU's speech-language pathology master's program (via the on-campus or TETN venue) prepares students to apply for Texas licensure and ASHA certification.  ASHA certification and state licensure (where applicable) credential the graduate to practice in any SLP setting.

TETN is designed to allow students to work in the schools as a licensed assistant while they complete the requirements for the master's degree.  Interested students must attend an information meeting at an education service center to gather all information pertinent to the application process.  Accepted TETN applicants begin their program by attending one week of courses on the TWU campus in Denton, Texas and complete their coursework at participating ESCs through interactive video conferencing and computer-based coursework. Practicum experiences are completed in the schools during the fall and spring semesters and in hospitals and other settings during the summers.  Each student must secure sponsorship from his/her educational entity and maintain it throughout the masters program. 

TETN, currently in its seventh cycle, was designed to help ameliorate the shortage of speech-language pathologists in the public schools of Texas. To date, over 500 students have completed their master’s degree through this learning venue. 

*Please note – the application process for the TETN venue is NOT the same as the application process for the on-campus venue of the TWU master’s program in speech-language pathology. Candidates for the TETN Venue MUST attend an information meeting in order to apply for the program.  For more information about TETN you may contact Sue Colton  940-898-2042.

* If you are interested in the On-Campus SLP Venue, please click on the following link: On-Campus SLP Venue













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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

Course Rotation Schedule (pdf)

Voice Evaluations

If you or any of your family members have any of the following voice problems, you can receive a voice evaluation and recommendations at the TWU Speech and Hearing Clinic on the Denton campus for a nominal fee of $5.  More about “Voice Evaluations”...

Girl Scout Program

What does it take to communicate without speech? This fun workshop will be all about communication. Girls will learn about non-verbal communication and body language. The American Sign Language alphabet, some phrases, and even part of a song will be taught.  Please make checks and money orders payable to SOCS. More Information and Application Form (doc)

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