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Deadline to apply is March 1.  Apply to Texas Woman's University through Apply website
  • Specify " Texas Woman's University"
  • Apply as a transfer undergraduate student in Communication Sciences ( Note:  These courses  are at the undergraduate level)
  • Apply for Summer
  • $50 fee will be assessed.

Send ALL official transcripts from EACH college/university attended to:

    TWU-Admissions Processing 
    P.O. Box 425649 
    Denton, Texas 76204

Include additional official transcripts to the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department with your application packet.

  • Candidates must have a grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale in their last 60 hours of college work. This includes any hours taken after their Bachelors degree is earned.  We do not round up.
  • Candidates must complete their bachelor’s degree prior to beginning prerequisite classes. The award of a bachelor’s degree must appear on the transcript. Your transcript must clearly state the completion of the bachelor's degree.

Recommendation Form 

  •  Have two university professors/instuctors, employers, or co-workers complete, sign and return a recommendation form to you in a sealed envelope with their signature across the seal.

Letter of intent- write letter of intent which does not exceed two pages double spaced and include the following:

  • Discuss your career goals
  • Reasons for entering your chosen profession
  • Reasons for wanting to attend TWU

Complete and sign the SLP Prerequisite Program application form.

Before March 1, mail the 2 sealed recommendation letters, the letter of intent, all official transcripts from each College/University attended, and the SLP Prerequisite Program application to:

Dept. of Communication Sciences and Disorders
P.O. Box 425737
Denton, Texas 76204-5737
Attn:  Prerequisite Coordinator

You will receive a letter from the TWU Office of Admissions indicating whether you have been accepted to the university as a post-baccalaureate student. This does not constitute admission to the SLP Prerequisite Program.  You will receive a letter from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders indicating whether you have been admitted to the SLP Prerequisite Program. This constitutes admission to the SLP Program.

  • If you are admitted to the Prerequisite Program, you will receive an email approximately one week prior to registration giving the course numbers, registration codes, and instructions for registering.

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

Course Rotation Schedule (pdf)

If you or any of your family members have any of the following voice problems, you can receive a voice evaluation and recommendations. Cost is $5.00. 

Girl Scout Program

What does it take to communicate without speech? Learn about non-verbal communication and body language. More Information and Application Form (doc)

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