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* Dates subject to change at the discretion of the Committee Chair

June 1st- Graduate students begin deaf education program (beginning June 2008)  

  • Instructors to identify possible candidates based on written work completed for courses.
  • Students may also approach instructors and request that option.
  • Students must approach deaf education instructor as committee chair.
  • Students may approach faculty outside deaf education to serve on committee, but the chair must be deaf education faculty.
  • Students may only approach one faculty member at a time in regards to writing a thesis / professional paper.

September 1st

All students identified as candidates for professional paper or thesis.

October 1st

Idea papers due to committee chair.

October 15th

Institutional Review Board (IRB) paperwork completed (under the direction of the Chair) and turned into the IRB office.  Prospectus due to the COMS Department.

January 1st

Methodology due.

May 15th

  • Draft #1 due
  • Students to follow formatting and structure guidelines for professional papers and theses established by the TWU Graduate School (TWU's Guidelines to Preparation- word document), and the most recent edition of the APA guide.

June 15th

Final Draft Due

July 15th

  • Oral presentations completed.
  • All final paperwork completed and submitted to graduate office.



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