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 Teachers of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

  • Work primarily as teachers in public schools.
  • Must pass state TExES examination and TASC examination.
  • Hold all-level teacher certification and may teach preschool through high school.
  • Consider the social, speech and language problems associated with various type of hearing loss when teaching speech, language and content information to persons with hearing loss.
  • Are certified by Texas Education Agency (courses are incorporated into the undergraduate and graduate curriculum including student teaching.)  

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Deaf Education Forum

“Teachers Leading Teachers”

This summer TWU is hosting a Deaf Education Forum for teachers and professionals serving students who are DHH. The forum is designed with teachers in mind. We believe that teachers often should be teachers for their colleagues. The forum is open statewide, and open to all educational philosophies for students who are deaf/hard of hearing.

For an overview of the Forum visit:  DHH Forum

To register (secure): Forum Registration 

Girl Scout Program

What does it take to communicate without speech? Learn about non-verbal communication and body language. More Information and Application Form (doc)

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Course Rotation Schedule (pdf)

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