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How and when can I apply to TETN?

The application process for TETN  is NOT the same as the application process for the on-campus learning venue. Application for TETN is a multi-step process, which will be outlined in detail at an information meeting. Candidates may NOT apply to TETN  until they have attended a mandatory information meeting for that cycle.

 All the information meetings have been held for Cycle 7. If you did not attend a mandatory information meeting, you are ineligible to apply to Cycle 7. If approved, Cycle 8 would begin in 2015, with information meetings being held beginning in 2014. Information about Cycle 8 will be posted on our website when available.

*Please note – the application process for the TETN venue is NOT the same as the application process for the on-campus venue of the TWU master’s program in speech-language pathology. Candidates for the TETN Master’s Program MUST attend an information meeting in order to apply for the program.  For more information about TETN you may contact Sue Colton  940-898-2042.

All accepted students must attend classes on the TWU campus in Denton, Texas for one week at the beginning of the cycle.

Students who wish to apply for future cycles and need prerequisite (leveling) courses may apply to the SLP Prerequisite Program by March 1 of the year in which they wish to enroll in leveling courses. Applicants may also take prerequisite courses at any other accredited university offering these courses.

Admission and completion of the leveling courses does NOT guarantee admission to the TWU SLP  master’s program.

Application procedures are contained in the documents presented at the information meetings.

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