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Congratulations to the following students for being selected as award recipients for the 2014 Student Employees of the Year Program! 

Lenciy Flores

Lenciy was nominated by her co-worker, Audrey Parker, for her outstanding work as a student assistant in the Mathemathics and Technology Success Center. Audrey Parker shares that, "What is most unique about Lenciy is her ability to break down concepts. As math majors, the basic concepts come natural to us and we can easily overlook them. Lenciy has this impressive ability to be able to explain these concepts in multiple ways to ensure that the student will understand and succeed. The perpetual patience that she displays in these situations is a quality that many other tutors admire and try to imitate."

Lenciy states that her on-campus job "...has taught me how to multi-task effectively and efficiently. My goal is to make a positive difference in a student's life every day that I work. I am the type of employee that will take the extra mile to help a student or a co-worker complete a task. Watch Lenciy's interview ...

Amy Lindsay

Amy works in the Music Department and was nominated by Dr. Vicki Baker for her exceptional work as a student assistant. Amy is in charge of the department's website and handles administrative and outreach projects. Dr. Baker states that, "Amy approaches every task, from the most complex to the most mundane, with a high level of perfecetion. She takes great pride in all that she undertakes. Any job completed by Amy is going to bear her trademark touch of professionalism and creativity. Amy is highly respected by the music faculty and has become indispensable. Anytime our faculty faces an organizational challenge, one of the first things we say is. 'We have Amy'."

Amy says, "I am so fortunate to work in the Music Office. I get to see the behind the scenes work of the deparment and how things come to fruition. I work hard and fast. I stay focused. When things come up the last minute (which they often do) I roll with the punches and find the solution." Watch Amy's interview ...

Desiree Patterson

Desiree is a student assistant in Learning Technologies Support. She was nominated for her exemplary work performance by Jean Mankoff, Director of Learning Technologies Support. Jean says, "Desi has remarkable follow-through and attention to detail. She takes any task from major to menial with the same determination, thoroughness, and great attitude. She uses exceptional critical thinking skills and problem analysis to assist our team with issues. Our office can be very fast paced and Desi stays right on track with our team. She always gets the job done!" 

Desi shares that, "The primary skills I have gained while working in Learning Technologies Support are critical and analytical thinking skills, and communication and time management skills. These skills will help me in my career field as the medical field is increasing its reliance on technology. What I have learned from my on-campus position has contributed to my academic success and it has taken my learning experience to a new level. Watch Desi's interview ...

Chelsea Reeves

Chelsea works in the Office of Alumni Relations and was nominated by Anne Scott, Director of the Office of Alumni Relations, for her outstanding performance as a student assistant. Anne says, "The quality of Chelsea's work for a person her age is remarkable. She is so responsible and so reliable that our office has been able to assign sepcial projects for her to organize and carry out. She is bright, naturally curious to learn and has exceptional skills with electronic programs and social media. She has the ability to think through a project and design different approaches to reach the goal." 

Chelsea reflects that her skill have increased as a result of her on-campus job. "The skills I have developed through my job as a student assistant in the Office of Alumni Relations will help me when searching for employment in the future. Through the networking tasks I  complete for my office, I have learned how to use social networking for business purposes. The work I have done...has also led me to a new possibility for a future employment as a digital media assistant."  Watch Chelsea's interview ...

Erin Russell

Erin works at the Write Site and was nominated by Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Denny for the superior work that she does as a student assistant in the department. In reflecting upon Erin's work, Dr. Phillips-Denny says, "She takes her work very seriously and feels a level of responsibility for the work done in the writing center that is unique for an undergraduate student worker. Her strongest attribute as a writing consultant is insightful reflection (and self-reflection) on best practices during tutoring sessions, specifically online tutoring sessions. She has created an extensive document of feedback to help new tutors with online appointments.

Erin says that, "My on-campus position at the Write Site has taught me so much about tutoring, writing, and polishing my own written works. I feel more prepared to continue my academic career and eventually work as a professor because of the opportunites I've had to work with students on aspects of their papers from prewriting to organization and revision. Now, I can confidently offer feedback on assignments from a business portfolio to a nursing case study. It makes me happy to work somewhere that I enjoy going, with people I enjoy seeing, providing a service I can be proud of." Watch Erin's interview ...

Congratulations to all of the nominees for the program as well!

List of Nominees

Thank you to all TWU faculty, staff and students that participated by nominating a student employee for the program.

What is the Student Employees of the Year Program?

Students employed in on-campus jobs perform work that is vital to the overall operation and success of Texas Woman’s University.  Each spring, The Student Employees of the Year Program will recognize five outstanding student employees for their excellent work performance during the academic year.   Students will be acknowledged for their exemplary performance in the following areas:

  • Quality of Work
  • Customer Service
  • Unique Contribution
  • Initiative
  • Reliability 

Who is eligible?

Eligible students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed three months of employment in her or his current position during the current school year.
  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student employed through Student Employment (Graduate Assistants are not eligible for the program).


All TWU faculty, staff and students are eligible to make nominations, which will be evaluated by a selection committee.  Nominations are for individual recognition.  Group nominations will not be considered.

While it is possible for more than one student to receive an award from a department, it is important that the submissions be individualized for each student in order to determine their outstanding qualities.

Award Recipients

All nominees will receive a certificate and award recipients will be recognized at the Redbud Awards Festival (produced and sponsored through the Center for Student Development) held each spring semester.

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