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The TWU Office of Career Services makes no representation concerning persons seeking employment from, or the jobs posted on, the Career Services website/bulletin boards. The Office of Career Services reserves the right to decline to post any employment opportunity.

Fellowships & Housing in Washington Internships

Position: Scholarship
Company Information: Mass Mutual
Details:  Click here for more information.
Date: 1/16/2013

Position: Student Jobs/Internships (Cooperatives, Apprenticeships...)
Company Information: Federal Government (one-stop portal)
Many opportunities within the Federal Government {through e-scholar} with excellent information for students new to the site as well as a Career Interest Center. Go to for more details.
Date: 03/18/09 - Updated

Position: Internships in Washington, DC
Company Information:  Washington Internship Institute
Visit for more information or stop by the Internship/Co-op Office.  Spring deadlines are mid-October/November.  Summer deadlines are first week of March/first week of April; Fall deadlines are first week of May/first week of June.
Date:  03/30/09 - Updated

Position: Centralized Student Career Experience Program
Company Information: United States Marshals Service
Details: Please go to for more information
Date: 01/26/09                                

Position: Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH)
Company Information:  WISH provides housing, classroom, and office space for student interns...
Contact Information:
Date:  03/30/09 - Updated

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