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Counseling is free and any assessment is $10.00 each. You may use the Career Library (books may not be checked out) and please have change to make copies.


  • Appointments usually take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Your career counselor will talk with you to determine your particular situation and your needs.
  • You may be asked to complete one of several career assessments which can help guide you in focusing on career areas.
  • Your career counselor will explain any assessment results and will provide you with resources in order to research career options.

To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor, please call (940)898-2950 


A Career Counselor can assist you with...

  • Evaluating your interest, personality, and work values using career assessments.
  • Developing an effective decision-making process in choosing a major/career.
  • Helping you answer the question "What Can I Do With This Major?"
  • Exploring your career options with the Career Library and Exploration Websites.
  • Choosing a major and finding a career that you will enjoy.

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