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Effective Fall 2016

Tuition rates and all fees are subject to change at any time by action of the Board of Regents or of the Texas Legislature. All students must pay tuition and fees for each enrolled term, regardless of geographic location, for the completion of their academic program. Tuition rates are composed of Statutory Tuition and Designated Tuition, Per Texas Education Code § 54.051 and §54.0513, and Board Authorized Tuition, charged to all graduate students in addition to statutory and designated tuition at rates approved by the Board of Regents.

Tuition Per Credit-Hour Explanation
Undergraduate Resident $206.26 Assessed to all students. Composed of Statutory, Designated and Board Authorized Tuition. Tuition rates vary by residency status and level of course. Courses beginning with 1 through 4 are charged at undergraduate rates and courses beginning with 5 or above are charged at the graduate rate.
Undergraduate Non-Resident $614.26
Oklahoma Undergraduate Resident $236.26
Graduate Resident $251.26
Graduate Non-Resident $659.26
Additional Tuition Surcharges
Communication Sciences courses $20.00 Graduate level only
Dental Hygiene courses $20.00
Fashion & Textiles courses $10.00

Health Studies courses


Library & Info Studies courses

Music courses



Graduate level only

Nursing courses

Undergrad level
Masters level
Doctoral level
Occupational Therapy courses $5.00
School of Management courses


Graduate level
Undergrad level

Mandatory Fees Per Credit-Hour All students must pay mandatory fees for the completion of their academic program, regardless of their method of study or geographic location.
Technology Fee $22.50 Assessed to help cover the cost of computer operations
Library Use Fee $11.00 Assessed to support library operations on each campus.
Instructional Enhancement Fee
Allows continuous improvement in course instruction and outstanding advising services.
- Undergraduate courses $8.85
- Graduate courses $12.85
Program Fee Supports academic programs.
- Undergraduate courses - lower $8.00 Courses beginning with 1 or 2.
- Undergraduate courses - upper $15.00 Courses beginning with 3 or 4.
- Graduate courses $25.00 Courses beginning with 5 or above.
Student Services Fee $35.71 Entitles students to a variety of services provided by University components including Career Services, Student Development, the Counseling Center, and Athletics. (Maximum Fee-$250.)
Mandatory Fees Per Semester All students must pay mandatory fees for the completion of their academic program, regardless of their method of study or geographic location.
Fitness & Recreation Fee* $73.00 Provides access to fitness and recreation centers on each campus.
Medical Services Fee* $47.00 Provides medical services and programs to students.
Publication Fee $2.00 Used to defray the cost of University publications.
Student Center Fee* $150.00 Supports maintenance of the student union areas on each campus.
Student ID Fee $15.00 Supports student identification card system.
International Education Fee $3.00 Assists students participating in TWU international exchange and study programs.
Other Fees As Indicated
International Student Services Fee* $65.00 Per term fee required of all international students with an F1 or J1 visa status to offset the cost of specialized services provided to students including immigration advising, maintaining compliance with USCIS regulations, orientation and student programming.
Transcript Fee $10.00 Required for each requested official transcript.
Graduation Fee $40.00 Graduation services and printing/mailing of diploma.
Add/Drop Fee $10.00 Assessed for each schedule change after semester starts.
Late Registration Fee $50.00 Assessed for registering after official start date of term.
Matriculation Fee $15.00 Assessed to all previously paid students who withdraw from the University before the first class day of term.
Liability Insurance* $16.00 Students enrolled in practicum courses or courses requiring clinical experience will be charged a fee for malpractice insurance.
Bloodborne Pathogens Insurance* $75.00 Provides benefits in case of accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens/infectious disease in health-related settings.
Application Fee Assessed to all students based on admission level into the university.
- Undergraduate $50.00 Per application
- Graduate School $50.00 Per application
- International Student $75.00 Per application
Orientation Fee $200.00 Assessed to all new students entering as freshmen
*indicates these fees are reduced and prorated for summer short terms.

Historical Tuition/Fee Rates
- effective Fall 2015[pdf]

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