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ENROLLING IN COVERAGE:  For the first 30 days of employment, while you are a new employee, you can sign up for certain valuable benefits with no questions asked. If you sign up for benefits at your first chance, you won’t have to provide proof of good health, also called evidence of insurability (EOI). EOI is an application process in which you provide information about your health, so getting approved for certain benefits isn’t a guarantee. If you miss your first chance, your opportunities to sign up later are limited. You can only sign up during the annual Summer Enrollment period or if you have a qualifying life event (QLE), such as getting married or having a baby. Even then, EOI may be required. To enroll in coverage visit

 CHANGING BENEFICIARIES:Go to the ERS website at   

APPLYING FOR COVERAGE (EOI): To apply for coverage through the EOI process download an application.  Applications are located on the insurance forms page of the ERS website.  Use one application for your entire family to apply for all benefits.

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