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College of Arts and Sciences |

Dr. Ann Q. Staton, Dean 
Dr. Abigail Tilton, Associate Dean
CFO 1210 | 940.898.3326 | fax 940.898.3366
P.O. Box 425437 | Denton, TX 76204-5437  
•Orlando, Gail, Assistant to the Dean
•Downing, Anne, Senior Administrative Assistant
•Golleher, Brandie, M.A., Program Director of General Studies
•Ryan, Anna, Project Coordinator

•Wicks, James, Academic Advisor II
•Gillum, Westley, Academic Advisor
•Brown, Keith, Academic Advisor

General Studies Program |

Dr. Abigail Tilton, Director 
Brandie Golleher, M.A., Program Director of General Studies
CFO 1206 | 940.898.3315 | fax 940.898.3366 
P.O. Box 425437 | Denton, TX 76204-5437
• Jennings, Vicki, General Studies Academic Advisor

Arts, School of |

Professor Mary Williford-Shade, Co-Coordinator 
DGL 206A | 940.898.2085 | fax 940.898.2098 

Dr. Pamela Youngblood, Co-Coordinator 
MUS 115 | 940.898.2495 | fax 940.898.2494
• Department of Dance |  
Professor Mary Williford-Shade, M.F.A., Chair  
DGL 206A | 940.898.2085 | fax 940.898.2098 
P.O. Box 425708 | Denton, TX 76204-5708 

•Lewis, Penny, Administrative Assistant
•Morgan, Dayna, Technical Director
•Fleming, Keith, Accompanist
•Portillo, Westin, Accompanist

Full time Faculty:
Caldwell, Linda, Ph.D., Professor
Candelario, Rosemary, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Fuchs, Jordan, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Gamblin, Sarah, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Henley, Matthew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Morgan, Ilana, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Drama Program |  
Dr. Patrick Bynane, Associate Professor and Program Director 
RTC 228 | 940.898.2518 | fax 940.898.2655 
P.O. Box 425768 | Denton, TX 76204-5768 
•Richman, Lori, Administrative Assistant-Music - Drama
•Johns, Emily, Secretary - Drama
•Stephens, Michael, Technical Director (Redbud Theatre)

Full time Faculty:
Gorman, Rhonda, M.F.A., Assistant Professor
Lelek, Noah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Young, Steven, M.F.A., Assistant Professor 
Department of Music |  
Dr. Pamela Youngblood, Professor and Chair 
MUS 115 | 940.898.2500 | fax 940.898.2494 
P.O. Box 425768 | Denton, TX 76204-5768 

•Richman, Lori, Administrative Assistant-Music/Drama
•Dawson, Jerry, Technical Director (Margo Jones Performance Hall)
•Bita, Gabriel, Accompanist

Full time Faculty:
Baker, Vicki, Ph.D., Associate Professor 
Cohen, Nicki, Ph.D., Professor/Director of Music Therapy Clinic 
Hadsell, Nancy, Ph.D., Professor/Director of Music Therapy
Jensen, Joni, Ph.D., Associate Professor 
Pettitt, Russell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Shuster, Richard, Ph.D., (DMA) Professor
Thomas, Paul, Ph.D., Assistant Visiting Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Woolery, Danielle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Zanders, Michael, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Visual Arts |  
Professor Michelle Hays, M.F.A., Chair 
ART 107A | 940.898.2530 | fax 940.898.2496 
P.O. Box 425469 | Denton, TX 76204-5469 
•Vriezen, Lynne, Administrative Assistant
•Wingate, Vance, Technical Director (Fine Arts Galleries)

Full time Faculty:
Calabrese, John, Ph.D., Professor
Grant, Susan kae, M.F.A., Professor
Gregory, Diane, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Parsons, Colby, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Perez, Jana, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Synar, Tanya, M.F.A., Associate Professor
Washmon, Gary, M.F.A., Professor

Department of Biology |

Dr. K. Shane Broughton, Professor of Nutrition and Interim Co-Chair 
Dr. DiAnna Hynds, Professor and Interim Co-Chair
GRB 230 | 940.898.2351 | fax 940.898.2382
P.O. Box 425799 | Denton, TX 76204-5799
•Reedy, Sarah, Administrative Assistant
•Vacant, Part-time Secretary 
•Cooper, Nanette, Research Associate
•Donohoo, Kirsten, Academic Advisor, Biology and Medical Technology
•Scoggins, Shaumarie, Lab Coordinator
•Vacant, Part-Time Senior Lecturer
Full-time Faculty:
Ahmed, Shazia, Ph.D., Lab Instructor
Averitt, Dayna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Bergel, Michael, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Brower, Christopher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Conrad-Webb, Heather, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Foreman, Smiddy, Lab Instructor
Gumienny, Tina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hanson, Laura, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Maier, Camelia, Ph.D., Associate Professor
McArthur, Merry C., Ph.D., Professor (Dallas Campus)
Mills, Nathaniel C., Ph.D., Professor and Radiation Safety Officer
Uphouse, Lynda, Ph.D., Professor
Westmoreland, Sandra, Ph.D., Associate


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry |

Dr. Richard Sheardy, Professor and Chair 
ASSC 324 | 940.898.2550 | fax 940.898.2548
P.O. Box 425859 | Denton, TX 76204-5859 
•Hawkins, Courtney, Administrative Assistant
•Wing, Virginia, Lab Services Supervisor
•Vacant, Part-Time Lab Tech IV

Full time Faculty:
Anderson, Mary, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Britt, Mark, Ph.D., Professor
Johnson, James, Ph.D., Professor
Jones, Richard, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Maguire, Cynthia, M.S., Senior Lecturer
Mirsaleh-Kohan, Nasrin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Omary, Manal, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Peebles, Lynda, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Criminal Justice Program |

Dr. Jim Williams, Professor and Program Director
CFO 308 | 940.898.2052 | fax 940.898.2067
•Ray, Allison, Advisor, Criminal Justice 

Department of English, Speech, and Foreign Languages |

Dr. Genevieve West, Professor and Chair
CFO 905 | 940.898.2324 | fax 940.898.2297
P.O. Box 425829 | Denton, TX 76204-5829 
•Grimaldo, Lisa, Administrative Assistant
•Cole, Wylijanna, Senior Secretary, Write Site
•Phillips-Denny, Jennifer, Ph.D., Tutor Coordinator, Write Site

Full time Faculty:
Bender, Ashley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Bridges, Phyllis, Ph.D., Professor
Brown, Matthew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Busl, Gretchen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Casper, Vivian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Fehler, Brian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Greer, Russell, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Lackey, Dundee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Nik, Ninfa, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Scott, Graham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Souris, Stephen, Ph.D., Professor
Thompson, Lou, Ph.D., Professor

Department of History and Government |

Dr. Jonathan Olsen, Professor and Chair
CFO 605 | 940.898.2138 | fax 940.898.2130
P.O. Box 425889 | Denton, TX 76204-5889 
•Hudson, Lynette, Administrative Assistant
•Fulton-Withrow, Casandra, Project Coordinator, LEMIT
•Vacant, Senior Secretary, LEMIT

Full time Faculty:
Belfiglio, Valentine, Ph.D., Professor
Blosser, Jacob, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Fanning, Sara, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Hevron, Parker, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hodges, Lybeth, Ph.D., Professor
Hoye, Timothy, Ph.D., Professor
Landdeck, Kate, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Robb, Jeffrey B., J.D., Professor
Travis, Paul, Ph.D., Professor

Management, School of |

Dr. Margaret Young, Chair of Business and Economics and Director of School of Management
CFO 506 | 940.898.2111 | fax 940.898.2120
•Vacant, Administrative Assistant
•Bryant, Becky, Assistant Director, Academic Program Support
•Elliott, Desiree, Business Manager
•Braddock, Anita, Coordinator, Academic Program Support
•Cooper, Chris, SOM Academic Advisor II
•Windal-Puckett, Bethany, Academic Advisor II
•Hicks, Amy, Academic Advisor II

Full time Faculty:
Baker, Pamela, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Barua, Maria, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Berte, Erica, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Boonme, Kittipong (Ken), Ph.D., Assistant Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Carfagno, Louis, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer I
Crews, Derek, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Harris, Christopher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Horn, Dewaynna, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hufft, Edward, Ph.D., Visiting Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Hyde, Shelia, Visiting Lecturer I
Mims, Tina, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer I
Nugent, John, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Radighieri, Jeffrey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Raisinghani, Michael, Ph.D., Professor
Raman, Pushkala, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Russ, Molly, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rylander, David, Ph.D., Professor
Tengesdal, Mark, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Webb, Kerry, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Werema, Gilbert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Zou, Lin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Fashion and Textiles Program |
Dr. Deborah Young, Professor and Program Director
OMB 415B | 940.898.2661 | fax 940.898.2711
P.O. Box 425529 | Denton, TX 76204-5529
•Redfearn, Gina, Secretary 

Full time Faculty:
Dragoo, Sheri, Ph.D., Professor
Magie, Anna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Odukomaiya, Zigwai (Remi), Lecturer I
Riggs, Charles L., Ph.D., Professor

Health Systems Management |
Dr. Rob Maurer, Professor and Program Director
Dallas Campus - Parkland | 214.689.6560 | fax 214.689.6591

Full time Faculty:
Driscoll, Patricia, J.D. (Dr.) Professor

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science |

Dr. Don E. Edwards, Professor and Chair
MCL 302 | 940.898.2166 | fax 940.898.2179
P.O. Box 425886 | Denton, TX 76204-5886 
•Butler, Marie, Administrative Assistant

Full time Faculty:
Banks, Catherine, M.S., Senior Lecturer
Demuynck, Marie-Anne., Ph.D., Professor
Falley, Brandi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Gardner, David, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Grigorieva, Ellina, Ph.D., Professor
Hammons, Jake, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hays, Edith, Senior Lecturer/Director of Math & Technical Success Center
Hogan, Turner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Machuca, Alicia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (starts 9/1/15)
Mallam, Winifred, Ph.D., Professor
Marshall, David D., Ph.D., Professor
Navarra-Madsen, Junalyn, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Wheeler, Ann, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zhang, Jian (Jenna), Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Psychology and Philosophy |

Dr. Shannon Scott, Professor and Chair
CFO 702 | 940.898.2303 | fax 940.898.2301
P.O. Box 425470 | Denton, TX 76204-5470 
•Endres, Jacque, Administrative Assistant
•Hartshorn, Mary, Part-Time Senior Secretary
•Elias, Mike, Academic Advisor II

Full time Faculty:
Asbury, Edward "Trey," Ph.D., Associate Professor
DeOrnellas, Kathy, Ph.D., Associate Professor 
Foster, Kenneth, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Harding, Brian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Harris, Jeff, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Hart, Christian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Johnson, Wendi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Maricle, Denise, Ph.D., Professor
McGill, Ryan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Mollen, Debra Ph.D., Associate Professor
Palomares, Ronald, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Porras, Claudia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Rosen, Lisa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Rubin, Linda, Ph.D., Professor
Stabb, Sally, Ph.D., Professor
Terrizzi, Jr., John, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Woodcock, Richard W., Ph.D., Honorary Research Professor (starts 9/1/15)

Undergraduate Psychology Programs  
Dr. Shannon Scott, Director 
CFO 711 | 940-898-2307 | fax 940-898-2301
Masters in Counseling Psychology Program 
Dr. Debra Mollen, Director 
CFO 703 | 940-898-2317 | fax 940-898-2301
Specialist in School Psychology Program 
Dr. Kathy DeOrnellas, Director 
CFO 811 | 940-898-2315 | fax 940-898-2301
Doctorate in Counseling Psychology Program 
Dr. Sally Stabb, Director 
CFO 703 | 940-898-2149 | fax 940-898-2301
Doctorate in School Psychology Program  
Dr. Denise Maricle, Director 
CFO 812 | 940-898-2260 | fax 940-898-2301

Department of Sociology and Social Work |

Dr. Celia Lo, Professor and Chair
CFO306 | 940.898.2052 | fax 940.898.2067 
Dr. Celia Lo, Professor and Chair
CFO306 | 940.898.2052 | fax 940.898.2067 
P.O. Box 425529 | Denton, TX 76204-5529 
•Farmer, Samantha, Administrative Assistant
•Levasseur, Patricia, Advisor, Sociology

Full time Faculty:
Gullion, Jessica, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sadri, Mahmoud, Ph.D., Professor
Williams, James, Ph.D., Professor
Yang, Philip, Ph.D., Professor

• Social Work Program | 
Professor Mark Sandel, MSSW, Program Director 
OMB 203 | 940.898.2078 | fax 940.898.2711 
P.O. Box 425529 | Denton, TX 76204-5529
•Byrd, Barbara, Secretary
•Bland, Michelle, Grant Coordinator

Full time Faculty:
Brackenridge, Sandra, M.S.W., Associate Professor
Kelly-Ricks, Nila, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Marshall, Linda, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Runnels, Ratonia, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Tilton, Abigail, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Women's Studies |

Dr. Claire Sahlin, Professor and Chair
HDB 307 | 940.898.2119 | fax 940.898.2101
P.O. Box 425557 | Denton, TX 76204-5557
•Morales, Jillian, Senior Secretary

Full time Faculty:
Beins, Agatha, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Keating, AnaLouise, Ph.D., Professor
Kessler, Mark, Ph.D., Professor
Phillips, Danielle, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

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