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Edible Car Contest 2012

14th Annual Edible Car Contest - 61 teams participated!
March 2, 2012

1st Place Winners - Team # 49, Bush Middle School – CFB ISD

ECC12 - 1st Place Team
Team Members: Max Matsushita, Hannah Hun, Jung Choi, Ava Castillo

 ECC 2012 1st Place Team Car

2nd Place Winners - Team # 11, Argyle Junior High School – Argyle ISD

ECC 2012 2nd Place Team
Team Members: Gracie Martin, Melisa Willis, Kaitlin Salisbury, Shealyn McNulty

ECC 2012 2nd Place Team Car

3rd Place Winners - Team # 45, Bush Middle School – CFB ISD

ECC 2012 3rd Place Team
Team Members: Alina Paik, Kelsey Nguyen, Sarah Parker, Rachel Parker

ECC 2012 3rd Place Team Car

"Most Unique Use of Materials" Winners - Team # 4, Alvarado Intermediate

ECC 2012 Most Unique Use of Materials Team
Team Members: Starr Finlay, AC Finlay, Amber Lopez, Christian Weatherman

ECC 2012 Most Unique Use of Materials Car

"Best Theme" Winners - Team # 33, Little Elm Education Center

ECC 2012 Best Theme Team
Team Members: Jordan Freeman, Jennifer Hernandez, Lesly Castro, Ailadi Garcia

ECC 2012 Best Theme Car

"Best Accessories" Winners - Team # 62, Denton High School

ECC 2012 Best Accessories Team
Team Members: Ariel Bailey, Felicity Wells, Kevin Ford, Nathan Place

ECC 2012 Best Accessories Car 


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