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Are you interested in starting a TWU alumni group?  It’s not as scary as you might think!
The TWU Office of Alumni Relations is here to assist you.

There are two types of groups you might think about initiating -  Chartered Group or Network. Alumni may belong to as many groups or networks as they wish.

Chartered TWU Alumni Group

A chartered group has a formalized organizational structure with by-laws and officers and is a group that has a specific mission to support TWU.  A chartered group is typically built around an academic field, an extra-curricular activity (athletics, a long-standing academic club, etc.), an ethnic background or a certain life stage.  One or more alumni volunteers should contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 940-898-2586 or to begin this process. 

Some things to think about before starting the process are these:

  • What will be the specific purpose of this alumni group and how will it ultimately support TWU?
  • Are there enough alumni in the category that you are suggesting?
    (Major, ethnicity, interest group, etc.)  Can the members of the proposed group be easily identified in the alumni database so that contact can be made to inform them of the formation of the group?
  • Are the first group of volunteers willing to do the paperwork?
    Chartering requires three organizers, a statement of purpose and a set of bylaws.
    A Chartering form will need to be filled out.  This is a simple form that is an application for approval as an affiliated alumni organization.
  • How will the finances for the organization be handled?
    There should be a bank account set up for the organization.  The group may at some time want to seek 501 non-profit status.
  • All chartered groups will have a representative to the Alumni Relations Advisory Council. This delegate should be willing to agree to the expectations of board members.

The Chartering Process requires the completion of the Chartering Form.

Charter Group Guidelines

TWU Alumni Network

 A network has a much less formalized structure and flexible requirements. 

  • A network needs two volunteers who are willing to serve as the chief volunteers and will be the primary planners, with support from the Office of Alumni Relations. 
  • A network may be organized in a geographical area or around a specific interest (ethnicity, extra-curricular activity, business, a certain vocation, a hobby or life stage.)  
  • Networks may meet often (monthly to quarterly for socials or programming) or as little as twice a year for a specific reason (fundraiser for TWU scholarships, family event, etc.)

If you have an idea for a network and would be interested in being the contact person for one, contact Anne Scott, Alumni Relations Director at or 940-898-2586. 

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