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Make Every Credit Count!

Updating your TWU transcript with new coursework from other institutions is easy!


Submit updated, official transcripts to:
Texas Woman's University
Office of Admissions Processing

P.O. Box 425649

Denton, TX 76204



Depending upon the volume of transcripts received, transcript updates may take 1-3 weeks. Please check your Portal regularly to see when coursework has been updated. If after 3 weeks you do not see your update, contact Also note that there is a delay between a Portal update of your transcript and when the update appears in DARS. This delay is usually less than 2 days.



  • Credit by Exam information

  • Official documents only. Faxed or emailed documents will NOT be accepted.

  • TWU does accept electronically transmitted transcripts. However, students should note that electronic transcripts do not always include important information, such as statements indicating core completion.

  • Updates are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on volume, the update to your transcript may take several weeks

  • Once posted, new courses appear on your TWU transcript immediately. View your unofficial transcript in WebAdvisor, using your Portal login information.

  • Updates to DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System), appear after the next upload. How to use DARS

  • Courses with a direct TWU equivalent are assigned the TWU course prefix and number.

  • Courses with no direct TWU equivalent are assigned a generic course prefix and level (1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000). These are called title courses.

  • Title courses appear under the elective section in DARS. Your advisor will need to work with the Registrar's Office to move electives to the correct section of your DARS.

  • If you have reached your 90 community college credit hour limit, additional community college coursework cannot be posted until we receive an email from your advisor, stating.

    •     Which previously transferred courses to drop from your TWU transcript
    •     Which courses to post from your new community college transcript.
    •     No core courses should be dropped.
    •     Email:
    •     When checking for updates in DARS, be sure to re-run your audit. 
             Do NOT refresh a previously run audit, as it may not reflect changes.
  • Transfer equivalency guides are available for major community college districts.

  • Post-Baccalaureate students

    • Only coursework taken after the date of your bachelor’s degree is posted to your official TWU transcript. 

    • Coursework taken as part of your undergraduate degree will not appear on your TWU transcript.

    • Appropriate TWU staff members have access to your submitted transcripts can check them for program prerequisites and requirements.

Questions, please email Admissions Processing at:

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