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Updating your TWU transcript with new coursework from other institutions is easy!

Submit updated, official transcripts to:
Texas Woman's University
Office of Admissions Processing

P.O. Box 425649

Denton, TX 76204


Depending upon the volume of transcripts received, your transcript update may take between 1-3 weeks. Please check your Portal regularly to see when coursework has been updated. If after 3 weeks you do not see your update, contact Also note that there is a delay between a Portal update of your transcript and when the update appears in DARS. This delay is usually less than 2 days.


  • Information regarding Credit by Exam.

  • Official documents only. No faxed or emailed documents will be accepted.

  • TWU does accept electronically transmitted transcripts. However, students should note that electronic transcripts do not always include important information, such as statements indicating core completion.

  • Updates are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Depending on volume, the update to your transcript may take several weeks


  • Once posted, new courses appear on your TWU transcript immediately. View your unofficial transcript in WebAdvisor, using your Portal login information.

  • Updates to DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System), appear after the next upload. How to use DARS.


  • Courses with a direct TWU equivalent are assigned the TWU course prefix and number.

  • Courses with no direct TWU equivalent are assigned a generic course prefix and level (1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000). These are called title courses.

  • Title courses appear under the elective section in DARS. Your advisor will need to work with the Registrar's Office to move electives to the correct section of your DARS.


  • If you have reached your 90 community college credit hour limit, additional community college coursework cannot be posted until we receive an email from your advisor, stating:

    • Which previously transferred courses to drop from your TWU transcript, and

    • Which courses to post from your new community college transcript.

    • No core courses should be dropped.

    • Email:

    • When checking for updates in DARS, be sure to rerun your audit. 
             DO NOT refresh a previously run audit, as it may not reflect changes.

  • Transfer equivalency guides are available for major community college districts.

  • POST-BACCALAUREATE STUDENTS: TWU policy is to post only coursework taken after the date of your bachelor’s degree to the official TWU transcript.  Therefore, coursework taken as part of your undergraduate degree will not appear on your TWU transcript.  TWU staff have access to all transcripts submitted as part of your application, and can check for program prerequisites and other requirements, as necessary.


Office of Admissions Processing

ADM 1 (west end)

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