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The Provost has created a new task force to address issues affecting the university and to make recommendations related to processes and policies.  The Task Force on Integration of Promotion and Tenure and Annual Faculty Performance Review is being co-chaired by Drs. Kyle Biggerstaff and Anne Stiles.  This task force will focus on integrating the annual faculty performance evaluation with the new promotion and tenure guidelines.  The membership is listed below.

Chairs of the Task Force:

Dr. Kyle Biggerstaff, Kinesiology, Denton

Dr. Anne Stiles, Nursing, Denton

Representing the Academic Deans Council

Dr. Ann Staton, Arts and Sciences, Denton (from P&T ask Force)

Representing the Council of Chairs

Dr. Sharon Olson, Physical Therapy, Houston

Representing the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. James Espinosa, Chemistry and Physics, Denton (FEDC)

Dr. Linda Caldwell, Dance, Denton

Ms. Pat Devereaux, History and Government, Denton


Representing the College of Health Sciences

Dr. Roger Shipley, Health Studies, Denton (FEDC)

Dr. Cynthia Gill, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Denton


Representing the College of Nursing

Dr. Donna Sauls, Denton (FEDC)

Dr. Sherry Carter, Dallas

Ms. Elizabeth Fuentes, Dallas


Representing the College of Professional Education

Dr. Nancy Anderson, Reading, Denton (Chair of the 2005-2006 P & T Committee)

Dr. Ron Fannin, Family Sciences, Denton (FEDC)

Dr. Gina Anderson, Teacher Education, Denton


Ex Officio

Dr. Linda Ladd, Faculty Senate, Ex Officio

Dr. Don Edwards, Council of Chairs, Ex Officio

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